December 12, 2022

Im cutting all things out cold...


Im cutting all things out cold turkey to improve a lot if health issues ive been having.. when i got to this fruit diet is there things i need to avoid and what other things can i eat other than sweet fruit. The sweet fruits are to much for my stomach and cause major pain. Also i don’t understand the nuts and other Supplements that I can have I’m really trying to get over this stuff like the pain in my chest from the inflammation that’s in there is really hurting. I really want to switch things up and I really want to just dive in cold turkey cut everything out all processed foods all meats all cooked meals and I just wanna make sure I’m doing it right so I don’t get sick don’t end up in the hospital but I could really use some help if anyone would. And is it just fruits or is veggies alright too as long as they arent cooked


Terrain answer:

Fruits and Tender Leafy Greens like Romaine, Iceberg lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce etc should make up the bulk of our diets. We can also consume young tender vegetables, nuts and seeds in smaller quantities.