March 31, 2021

I’m looking for opinions on Kangen water, is it wo...


I’m looking for opinions on Kangen water, is it worth the money or will cheaper filters do the same?


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I use CWR filters.

Angeline Stevens

its alkalinity is artificial, another chemical so harmful to the body.. just another marketing trick for ppl not distinguishing between organic and inorganic minerals.. btw – always wondering why ppl fall for / look for / trust various man-made products, always new, always further discoveries, yet again another scientific research blabla.. and one of the best distilled structured water ever, eg. juices in fruits (that cant be manufactured) which is not H2O as we were taught, that our cells love, that has the real hydrating ability, has also the ability to draw pathogens out of the body, is undervalued, not understood.. its a miracle we know very little about.. i wouldnt drink this kangen “water” even for free..

It’s a Medical device not an expensive filter.

Ive been researching some,filters myself. Be careful and ask how much waste /clean water ratio they produce. Some waste up to 4 gal to,every 1 gal,of good water you get. That means your paying for 5 and 4 are gping down the drain!!

WAY too expensive and the filters aren’t removable/replaceable. I went to

It is not a water filter, of course it has one, but that’s the smallest thing it does. It is an ionizer and a medical device which does many things and has endless benefits. Had mine 14 years, it’s still the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on, and truly the best investment I’ve ever made!

I have had kangen water for 12 years. I highly recommend it. Just recently someone asked if I would help them raise their overall pH. He was asking for dietary guidelines, releasing addiction etc. I said “let’s start with water” amazing results just after one gallon a day for three days. Now we are on to some basic dietary changes. Cutting sugar, adding veggie juice etc. Much easier to transit with water. He embraced the changes when he felt the water working. I love my kangen water

We need to be cautious with all these expensive filters. Many of them are excessive. I just use a distiller as it removes all contaminants. The alkaline waters can actually be TOO alkalining. Water itself isn’t naturally alkaline in nature.

So, marketing is allowed on here? I didn’t know that.

Our intercellular fluid charge is around -70 mv when we’re born. As we age and become more toxic from diet and environment our bodies voltage decreases. At -50 mv we experience inflammation did-ease. Kangen being electrically negative charged keeps this number in the higher negatives. Don’t get a cheaper model. I’m not able to go into full details… but you can pm me. It worked so well, I went back to school and became a trainer with them. Pm me and I’ll help and we questions, no worries about me trying to steal you from your sponsor person either. I’m not like that. FYI. A lot of the benefits were forced to be removed from our websites when cv hit.

It’s the only water I’ve drank for over a decade. Don’t get a cheaper one. Also only one client I’ve ever worked with had a body so alkaline that we would have her drink 1/2 clean (neutral) and 1/2 8.5 mixed.

Sorry I said its a Useless waste of money. Just my opinion on practicality.
If you love it, then it is worth every penny.

Alkaline water doesn’t make your body alkaline, so why bother? A quality RO is all you need and to cook with it as well. I could go into detail again on this topic but since I am in the biz, my comment will get pulled and I would have wasted my time.

Erin Brockovich has many articles lately about our water system. It is unfit to drink. I also wonder if bottled water doesn’t also contain harmful toxins. What is the solution?

They are 1000% worth their investment. This is not only “Alkaline” water. This is ionised and therefore has the presence of H2, where many studies have been done to show the therapeutic benefits to anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and detoxification of human cells. The reason they are expensive, from an engineering standpoint you get what you pay for its as simple as that. Ive researched the competitors machines and they have fancy marketing in place to make everyone think cheap must be better. Look at Enagic’s certifications and compare it to the the rest, nobody has the medical grade certificate ISO 13485.

Not only looking at molecular hydrogen aspect but there are a few other important factors I can discuss with you if you wanted.

If you filter water its obviously a good start, but alkaline-ionised (Not alkaline through adding baking soda like every bottled water company does- scam) is the best water we can drink unless we are at the top of a mountain where a glacier is about to melt. “kangen” means return to origin, the Japanese have recognised we can replicate the best water that is not accessible in towns or cities now by making an extremely robust high quality ioniser.

Worth every penny. Hope that helps .

I have had my machine for 12 years, I can honestly say it’s worth every penny and more!

I’ve had mine for 2 1/2 years and it literally changed my life!! I broke my neck 3 years ago and my spine doctor told me I would always have pain and I dealt with the pain until I started drinking the water!! the water took my pain away when nothing else did!! It’s also improved my skin, improved my sleep, I don’t drink caffeine anymore, my muscle recovery for Workouts is insane, and it’s also been able to help me have a 100% chemical free home because I use the water machine at the highest capacity and there’s like over 150 uses you can use the thing for I also didn’t really pay much for it since it’s a 100% tax deduction so for me it was worth it because I spent less most ppl spend on water and I have this machine now for the next 35+ years!!

We invested in an under the sink water filtration system with its own faucet on top next to the sink faucet. Less than $200 installed. It’s excellent!

Hi Tracey – I can definitely confirm its worth…the machine produces many types of water which is beneficial all around the home and much more. My mum in Aug 2019 became very ill, nearly died twice and once we got her on the Kangen (as her kidneys were failing) this was all reversed by changing her water. Have all her test results over many months and even her Kidney specialist said ‘keep doing what you are doing cause it obviously is working” Mum is happy to speak to anyone whom wants to hear her story. Yes, the initial cost seems expensive however, the machines are known to last over 30yrs! Your health IS your wealth! X

The Vollara water machine is very similar to the Kangen machine at about half the price.

Some have gotten into trouble with the Kangen water because it’s alkaline and can push body into alkalosis

Get a Berkey, the one made in the UK is cheaper than the US one.

I do know we used a reverse osmosis for a few years and switched to a basic 3 filter under the sink. One of our family members still developed metal toxicity. So now we filter the filtered water thru a berkey. Our city water is pretty heavy on iron and our pipes are old. (Lead)? Haven’t tested it unfiltered before but our filters get so dirty. Also use filters in our shower.

water has intelligence & vitality. Viktor Schauberger & others are well worth a look.
“water is life”

Not my opinion – overpriced mlm. Berkey is best – can use without electricity.

Read dancing with water

Anyone know anything about structured water or the idea of passing the water through a Vortex that makes something I think called zero water ..erasing the memory of the water or that it decreases the dyne size of the water making you feel hydrated quicker.?

Kangen is living water.
I’ve been drinking it since 2009.
Currently putting together a small pamphlet on how it’s help my family.

Excellent.- sign an i9 incase friends want to buy one after they hear about your results.
That what I did & made a bit of referral cash too.

Just to name a few things here.

Lost almost 30lbs.
My daughter had never slept through the night in 11 years.Since birth.
It completely rid me of severe menstrual cramps.
I was prescribed 800 motrin & still layed up for 2 days a month- since I was 14.
I found kangen water when I was 40.

Healed burns, bug bites, skin infections,
Pink eye, yeast infections & crohns disease.

So much more…but I think you can see how it’s helped.

I’ve saved in medical bills, prescriptions, pseudo meds & rid my house of toxic cleaning chemicals.

It’s not just a typical water filter.

Water should be pure untouched and unedited. If you’re looking to alkalize your body then eat more fruit regularly and try to reduce acid forming foods. A good RO filter does a 99% good job. Distilled water gives you 100% clear and pure water.

I say do what feels best. I’ve found almost every kind of filtered water irritates my throat except for RO water. No need to obsess about water filters really. Not saying you’re the obsessive one but many others are.