December 12, 2022

I’m looking for some insight p...


I’m looking for some insight please. Father in law has what I think is status dermatitis. Which is leakage from poor venous valves into the skin. This hasn’t been diagnosed by anyone. (Except me lol) Looks like red discolouration. He has serious circulation issue in that leg already with the main artery completely tied off due to surgery error to try and remove plaque. So the main artery supply is now the buttox artery. He gets bad cramp etc. But it’s this recent redness and swelling that is a concerns. It improves and then flares up again so seems in line with status dermatitis. Any tips? Good foods to eat to help aid the body in dealing with this. I assume that the body is doing this for a reason and saying leaky valves is probably a terrible allopathic assessment but just trying to give explanation. I’d appreciate any thoughts anyone has on. This. Many thanks


Terrain answer:

It’s more important what he doesn’t eat then what he does eat. There are no magical foods that fix specific issues. There are just foods that harm and foods that do not harm.