December 12, 2022

I’m very new here, I’m very mu...


I’m very new here, I’m very much trying to learn. I have read sooooo many of the posts on here. I wonder if some of you may be kind enough to comment ? So I have horses and on our yard there are 74 horses. In our barn alone are 16. There has been an outbreak of strangles on our yard. It’s where the horses get a high temp, snotty noses, coughs and sometimes throat absess’s. In the horse world Strangles is feared and said to be super contagious. So out of the 16 horses in my barn, 8 have been poorly with symptoms. Could anyone give their thoughts please ? Very much appreciated x


Terrain answer:

As with any other species, horses will get detox symptoms when they encounter a harmful substance or when their bodies reach a tolerance level. There is something in their food causing irritation, or something in the fields that they are being exposed to. Since it is affecting the nose and throat it could be an airborne irritant or it could be in the food or water. The symptoms themselves are the body expelling whatever toxin they were exposed to. They require no intervention as the body is already creating the solution. However you may want to look into the possible avenues of exposure. Are the symptomatic horses in the same barn/yard? Could there be an air quality or water quality issue? Are they eating the same food? Could there be a contaminant or ferment/mold in the food? Or same for the water? Do they have access to wild plants in their enclosure? These are the questions I would be investigating.