December 7, 2022

Imagine if instead we just cal...

Imagine if instead we just called all of these a detox rash would people still think of them the same way?
All of these different “diseases” with the same symptoms. Slightly different shape/size and duration gets a different “disease” label.
All, we are told, are caused by a different microscopic bogeyman “germ”. But imagine if instead we said, the body encountered a toxin/poison and used its largest detox organ to rapidly push out the toxin/poison, thereby creating irritation and inflammation of the largest detox organ (the skin). Often accompanied by a fever or heat, where the body uses heat to burn off waste.
Replace “virus” with POISON and suddenly disease causation becomes far less confusing and infinitely less PROFITABLE. No longer are we helpless victims under attack from invisible invaders. Instead we are in complete control, knowing that what we eat, breath, drink and put on our skin is the CAUSE of DIS-EASE and we can remove the lack of ease in the body by changing what we put in and on the body.