December 7, 2022

In order to heal ourselves and...

In order to heal ourselves and achieve optimal health, we need to have a strong foundational understanding of health and how our bodies work so we don’t fall victim to marketing scams and misinformation.
The word “detox” gets used a lot in natural health marketing. Often products, juice cleanses, or various restrictive diets are marketed as “detoxing” to our bodies, which is misleading and misrepresents how our bodies function.
So let’s start by making this one thing clear: We cannot control or toggle detox.
Only the body itself can detox and it’s a process that runs 24/7 no matter what we do. There is no such thing as a product that detoxes the body, nor is there an herb or food that detoxes the body.
The body is the only thing that can take action and those actions are running continuously until we die. We can slow those actions down by allowing a lot of dis-ease causing waste to accumulate which clogs our elimination pathways. But we can never turn on or turn off the detox process.
What we can control: 1.) How much waste is created 2.) How much water is available to help the body heal and detoxify, and 3.) How much energy the body has available to clean itself. That’s it. How do we control these things? Proper diet, proper hydration, and proper rest.
All conditions of disease require the same path to return the body to a state of wellness. We must remove the cause and remove the burden of wrong foods being consumed from the body so the body can heal itself and remove the waste burden which is causing the pain.
Disease conditions are conditions of excess waste. Everything in nature eats and poops and our cells are no different. The more work our cells need to do, the more waste they generate. Our cells and our body as a whole are physiologically designed for easily digested (“predigested”) fruits as well as tender greens and small amounts of nuts, seeds, and sweet tender vegetables. These foods all take minimal effort to digest, utilizing little energy and creating little waste. In other words, they do not overwork the cells and therefore they do not create excess waste. They provide amino acids in the perfect broken down form the body needs to create its own proteins, they contain sugars in the right form for our cells without the need for modification, and most importantly they contain water, structured water, which is arguably the single most important element we require from our foods.
When we stray from our natural diet and start to venture into cooked foods, beans, tubers/starches, meat, dairy, eggs, and processed “food” like substances, we begin to create an ever-greater burden on the body. Cooking food removes large amounts of essential water. Foods which require cooking are unpalatable to us raw because they are not our foods. We must coat them in fruit-based sauces (tomato sauce/ketchup, BBQ sauce, etc), heavy stimulating fats (butter, oil, etc), or the most addictive drug of all, salt, to trick our senses into allowing us to consume them. All of these foods, if we attempted to eat them in their raw, natural state without sauces or stimulants, we would quickly spit them out. The more we stray from our natural foods, the greater the burden on the body becomes. The greater the burden, the greater the waste load. The greater the waste load, the more disease conditions the cells have to work through, and consequently, the more symptoms of disease we suffer.
The body is constantly trying to keep up with this waste load, cleaning and expelling waste, as part of a constantly running detox process. This process never stops, is never “triggered” by an external element, the only thing inappropriate foods can do is make the detox process less efficient. The only thing an appropriate diet can do is make the detox processes more efficient by being less of a burden.
So when you see the marketing claims of “detox diets”, juice “cleanses”, miracle “detox” pills potions, or otherwise, remember nothing detoxes your body but the body itself and avoid falling for the marketing scams.