December 30, 2022

Inflammation is the root cause of Disease


I’m sure you have all heard the axiom of:
“Inflammation is the root cause of Disease”
I and many of you may actually believe in this at some point. It seems logical on one level. But this is incorrect; especially through the Sciences of the Terrain Model. This is just another inversion and ploy specifically from the initiators of the Rockerfella/Western/Allopathic MeDiCiNe; to say that any response the body enacts to improve its wellbeing is actually the cause/mechanism of disease that will evitably lead towards more disease if left untreated.
But this couldn’t be further from the Truth, right? It is actually the opposite and that inflammation is the intelligence of the body responding to some form of poisoning and or trauma and is actually treating itself back to good health.
You only get a “healthy self”. When you “heal-thy self”.
Just a thought, feel free to critique or elaborate more; Lauren.


Terrain answer:

Very true. Inflammation is a body-healing process created by the body for the benefit of the body. The medical industry calls it the body attacking itself and uses every poison in its repertoire to stop the body from healing itself. Inflammation should be a warning to us to remove the cause, instead, we are taught that it is an attack on the body that needs to be poisoned away.