December 30, 2022



I have such inflammation I went AIP once and that seriously made it all go away for that 30 days. Then I quit coffee and dairy for 2.5 years. I have this really picky blended family and they are not open minded about changing their diet so I’ve been eating cheese because I don’t have enough energy to make a separate meal for myself plus food prices!
Has anyone ever had these circumstances that is on the terrain protocol and if I could get any tips PLUS PRAYERS IF YOU PRAY because this lack of energy is ruining my marriage


Terrain answer:

Inflammation is the body responding to toxic internal conditions, so whatever you can do to make positive changes to lift the burden is going to make a difference.
Instead of trying to get everyone to change their diet you can just start to slowly incorporate more fresh foods and buy and supply less of the disease causing foods. Fill the fridge and counters with fresh fruits and people will naturally gravitate towards eating them. People eat what is convenient first and foremost, so if the fruit is out and in eyesight and the junk food is hidden away in the cabinets they will start to go for the fruit without having to make it an argument. You don’t have to eliminate anything right away, just start buying less of the junk and more of the fruit.
The second recommendation I have is to increase your water intake significantly. If we are eating all raw most people do best at 1 gallon of water a day while healing. If you are eating cooked foods, double that. Start wherever you are and start increasing your water intake a little more each day. It really helps to get a big bottle or use something that you can track how much water you are drinking. For example I have a gallon water bottle and I have a half gallon bottle. I prefer the half gallon as it is easier to carry. I fill the half gallon once in the morning and drink that before noon. I fill it a second time by noon and drink that before bed – that’s a gallon down. Canning Jars are a good option too. I like to fill 4-6 canning jars (quart size – 4 quarts + 1 gallon). I will line them up on my desk in sight so I remember to drink them. Set a goal and then have some way you can measure to get it done.
Increasing our hydration can do a lot for our energy levels because a hydrated cell is more efficient and both utilizing and creating energy.