December 19, 2022

Inhaling Brown’s gas, Oxyhydrogen


Hello, I was wondering if anyone in this fb group has any experience or knowledge regarding inhaling brown’s gas (%66 hydrogen, %33 oxygen) or molecular hydrogen gas (%99 hydrogen) for health purposes. I just recently purchased a brown’s gas machine but not sure if I made the right decision in doing so, would love any advice or input on the subject. Thank you all.


Terrain answer:

This would be harmful. The body needs clean fresh air with no alterations. We also do not want to artificially influence our breathing in any way. Not even deep breathing exercises. The body controls the breath rate based on the needs of its internal chemistry at that specific moment. Any changes to that not directed by the body means the body has to overwork itself to make corrections for the excess air intake. This is why we can feel lightheaded or “high” after breathing exercises, the high feeling being the body in distress. We are designed for fresh air in the exact proportions provided by nature, we do not benefit from excess of any element believed to be in the air.


Please don’t poison your body. You are confusing symptom suppression in your friend with health. There are many ways we can poison the body into stopping a symptom or shifting symptoms. These are not pathways to health, these are reasons why we are supposedly healthy people dropping dead suddenly or getting Cancer diagnosis. When we stop the expulsion symptoms we are trapping the waste inside.