December 19, 2022

Injury, pricked my hand with someone else’s insulin needle


Hi could someone advise me on what may happen if you accidently prick your hand with someone else’s insulin needle ? I took my son to the hospital last night and they said they were concerned about it after some questions but tried to get me to agree to a course of acceleration Hep B vaccines , I didn’t accept this but I am left worrying that my son might have contracted something fr the needle and I don’t know the best course of action. I spoke to the needle owner and he assures me he has no other blood borne disease that could infect my son. My previous learning about the terrain and what it teaches is went out the window when trying to think about how the body will deal with foreign matter injected into it and I went running to a doctor in a panic. Is there literature anyone has to hand or immediate advice on this please ?


Terrain answer:

The moment a foreign substance breaks the skin the body immediately goes to work to break down that substance and expel it. Typically the site will become red and inflamed as the body rushes blood to the area to bring supplies to make repairs and the area swells as the body brings water to the area to dilute the materials to minimize their damage to the local cells.
Nothing can be done as far as treatment. The body makes all repairs and does all the work of expelling any foreign material so any form of treatment would simply be interfering with the body and slowing the bodies response.