December 12, 2022

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Interesting information on mold……/permalink/1473414703116324/
What does the “real” scientific evidence about mould exposure tell us?
In 2004, a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial was conducted to see what happens when mould-sensitive people inhaled spores from the pathogenic moulds, P. chrysogenum, T. harzianum, or a placebo. They inhaled spores for 6 minutes per day, over 3 separate days under controlled conditions.
None of the participants experienced any adverse symptoms. They remained completely healthy.
This was the first experiment ever conducted exposing people to mould (via inhalation), and there doesn’t seem to be any experiments like it since.
If this is the only human challenge experiment, it means that the current weight of scientific evidence suggests inhalation of mould spores in humans, does not cause illness.
This post isn’t meant to triviliase or detract from people who become ill when living in mould infested homes. What it is meant to do is get people thinking that maybe there is another cause.
Perhaps it’s the toxic chemicals released from building material in damp humid conditions? Many controlled experiments have been undertaken causing symptoms identical to “mould-related illness” when people inhale these toxic chemicals.
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