December 12, 2022

Is it too late to start detoxi...


Is it too late to start detoxing, when been diagnosed with Supposed cancer in liver, lungs and bones?
Was originally told breast cancer which they managed to remove all the cells, want to remove more healthy tissue as a precaution and then diagnosed with gall stones…. Supposed to be removing gall bladder if they have time when removing the further tissue from breast.
Was told lesions on the liver were nothing to worry about, as it was a build up of minerals from arthritis medication.
To now be told it is cancer, along with it being in lungs and bones?
I don’t actually believe them as they’ve got it wrong before.
Can this still be healed (if it’s correct diagnoses) ?


Terrain answer:

It’s never too late to try. We never know how much scar tissue has been created or whether a body has enough vitality left, but there is no point to not trying. Have you read the file on Cancer and Tumors? … See more