February 4, 2022

Is it too late to start detoxing, when been diagno...


Is it too late to start detoxing, when been diagnosed with Supposed cancer in liver, lungs and bones?

Was originally told breast cancer which they managed to remove all the cells, want to remove more healthy tissue as a precaution and then diagnosed with gall stones…. Supposed to be removing gall bladder if they have time when removing the further tissue from breast.

Was told lesions on the liver were nothing to worry about, as it was a build up of minerals from arthritis medication.

To now be told it is cancer, along with it being in lungs and bones?

I don’t actually believe them as they’ve got it wrong before.

Can this still be healed (if it’s correct diagnoses) ?


Terrain answer:

It’s never too late to try. We never know how much scar tissue has been created or whether a body has enough vitality left, but there is no point to not trying. Have you read the file on Cancer and Tumors? https://www.facebook.com/groups/germtheory.vs.terraintheory/permalink/3343543599055958

I have had two rescue dogs with terminal cancer in which the vets gave them days to a few weeks to live and both healed fully and lived to their natural lifespan.


Group participants comments:

Have hope, there are some truly remarkable stories of healing and hope to turn disease around


Never to late to try!!

It’s never too late!!

It’s never too late, prayers your way


The lady in question, is also double v’d and boostered too not sure if that would change any of the recommendations in any way. Thank you for all the comments, truly is a great group

My brother in law went into remission by just drinking juiced asparagus

Thanks everyone. I posted this a while back and actually forgot about it. It’s not me, it’s family friend it has been confirmed as high grade lymphoma. I have passed all the info on. X

Cancer occurs when the body becomes too acidic and can no longer overcome toxins.

Look up Dr. Daniel Nuzum on YouTube and Facebook. He is the most intelligent doctor I’ve ever come across that actually knows how the body functions and how to *properly* detox it and heal. He cured his wife’s cancer.

My dog liver cancer, vet said too advanced for surgery.
I took him to a holistic vet who gave him liver detox tablets 3 x day and told me to feed him raw liver (which l had to lightly sear) because he wouldn’t eat it raw for no more than 3 months (bc it’s very high in vit A and after 3 months it becomes toxic overload)
His liver enzymes went from 750 to 300 in three months

Popped up in my ‘memories’::
Once upon a time there was a greedy, arrogant man named J.D. Rockefeller. He made billions of dollars as an oil magnate but his reputation as a “Robber Baron” bothered him. So in his later years he established the Rockefeller Foundation and proceeded to give huge sums of money to education, medicine, and science, which earned him the title of philanthropist.

On the surface it seemed as though the leopard had changed his spots; however, a little digging showed that greed was still his biggest motivation. Rockefeller’s money bought him prestige, power, and increased income. Every grant to a school, hospital, or laboratory came with strings attached. A person from the Rockefeller Foundation had to be included on the board of all of these institutions. The stipulations were always the same: Allopathic medicine must always be taught as the one and only viable healing doctrine, all other forms of treatment must be deemed quackery. Textbooks were changed from kindergarten through college to promote ‘modern medicine.’

He used lawyers and lobbiest to shore up his premise through government. The Food and Drug Association (FDA) was formed in the guise that all drugs tested by the FDA would be safe and effective for the consumer. The truth is that drug after drug licensed by the FDA has been proven dangerous when after market studies are done. But this wasn’t something JD Rockefeller or his son, David Rockefeller, worried about. They had learned from their elder, William A. Rockefeller (a snake oil salesman) that humans are always looking for a quick fix to any problem and will continue to believe in the power of a pill.

Instead of being a watchdog for public health, the FDA condemns any product that might compete with pharmaceutical drugs. One of their pet peeves is vitamins, oh, and of course, any non-toxic cancer cure.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was also formed. It had all the appearances of a government regulatory body that had the health of the American consumer at heart. In truth it is a corporate entity that holds patents on vaccines and makes profits by pandering these to the public. Their usual modus operandi is to scare everyone that a particularly virulent or invasive strain of disease is coming, and encourage everyone to take a newly released vaccine to protect themselves. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the international equivalent of the CDC.

And just how did all this outlay of money insure profits for the Rockefellers? Well duh, they invested heavily in the pharmaceutical industry, which has been booming ever since. It has been the best marketing scam of the past century. And the Rockefellers live happily ever after as the health of our nation and the world declines.
(note: JD Rockefeller lived just short of 98 years. He sought out the advice of a Naturopath if anything ailed him.)
#VAXXED #CDCwhistleblower #hearUs #CDCtruth

No. Not at all.

Alkalinity is key to deal with cancer

Never too late I was diagnosed terminal although I didn’t go raw til my all clear I’m now transitioning! It’s incredible I’d highly recommend it! What do you have to lose

Where there’s life there’s hope. Go for it!

Hello, what’s your diet lovely? Where are you up to with what you know about cancer? Xx

Jim Gordon has many testimonials and cured his own 4th stage cancer

It’s never too late. Lets Try detoxing your body by eating healthy fruits.


Have a look at “Chris Beat Cancer” & his Square One Healing Program. Some fantastic information!

Spontaneous remission is not uncommon. I would try the two feathers cure by Rob Roy also remove caretonoids and vitamin A from diet. Go to bed early, avoid blue light, pray.

Never too late. You’ll love this gorgeous couple who beat terminal lung cancer. Sending soooo much love ❤ https://www.facebook.com/activecancertherapysupport/

My ex husband was given 3 months to live after he was told he had cancer of the oesophagus which had spread.
We made a drastic change in his diet, cutting out all alcohol sugar and processed foods! I juiced organic carrots, beetroot, ginger, turmeric, garlic, and celery which he drank everyday, he also took cannabis oil every day.
It has now been 7 years and he is alive and cancer free to the astonishment of his doctor.

Leave ur doctor

Don’t remove gall bladder

I know you can and really hope you do give it a good try and WHEN you heal be sure to let them so called medical professionals know !! Wishing you the good health you deserve ☺

This is a great article. https://northerntracey213875959.wordpress.com/2021/04/22/the-cure-for-cancer-is-cancer/

At 78 years of age my mother in law was diagnosed with an aggressive mesothelioma cancer and given a month to put her affairs in order. She found a naturopath and went on a strict protocol with complementary therapies, herbs and diet and recovered. She never returned to orthodox medicine or needed medication at all. She is no longer with us as this was a long time ago but she passed of the flu having had several good quality years of life with her family and friends. Never give up. The body is perfectly capable of healing itself. Seek out a good naturopathic doctor and find support with local therapists (energy healing / body work/ counselling). What have you got to lose. Good luck x

Lisa Lohrum Never! While there’s breath, there’s life. I have seen a friend come back from a no hope medical situation after chemo destroyed her system, but slowly and surely, she recovered and is thriving all you have to is rest, eat appropriately, think positively life affirming things, the body always wants to heal xxx

I would get on a 30 day grape fast and do caster oil on your kidneys to encourage them to open up!


I follow Darrell Wolfe water fasting Etc. You can read his files and he does Q and A to answer any questions

Don’t get the gallbladder removed!! My wife did and Its caused her issues. We found a chiropractic internalist that coulda healed it without removal, sadly a few years after it was removed.

This book is teaching me to think about cancer diagnosis in a very different way. I don’t believe it’s too late.

It’s never too late! I would watch the docuseries truth about cancer quest for cures.

Every disease is just toxicity of the body.

Everything can be healed. Though it’s hard.. Please read about fasting