January 8, 2023

Is there a Natural Hygiene remedy for UTIs?


Is there a Natural Hygiene remedy for UTIs? Is the anything to help symptoms? Will fasting help?


Group participants comments:


The UTI is the “treatment” for the body being in a state of dis-ease. When the body is over acid from consuming wrong foods and the waste level reaches its tolerance level the body creates cleaning symptoms. UTI is one of those symptoms. Waste is acidic. Acids burn. When acids are exiting through the urinary tract they burn, inflame and irritate the tissues in that area of the body. The bacteria is at the scene in order to clean up the dead cellular debris that is a result of the acids burning the cells and damaging the cells. The body recycles parts of the cells and eliminates the rest.

There is no “treatment” because the body is cleaning itself and so anything we do to interfere by applying potions, lotions or antibiotics, etc is only going to stop the body from the cleaning that it is currently doing.

What we do want to do is alleviate the burden of waste coming in so the body can clean and alleviate its dis-ease state more quickly. Water fasting through any acute symptom is the ideal. Resting as well. If you aren’t ready to water fast then the next best option would be fruit juices (not cranberry, Cranberry is acidic and not a human food, hence its “medicinal” use recommendations).

Any time we have an acute cleaning symptom this is our bodies speaking to us and saying Hey! Listen now! We are overburdened! Please stop putting in poisons. * The above was
from Lauren Whiteman
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In order for you to not get bombarded with “home remedies ” that only suppress symptoms, I’ll shut the comments off.
You must remove cause (typically poor dietary choices) not suppress symptoms.
To answer your question in short order, yes, water fast is best