December 19, 2022

Itchy bites? how does one deal...


Itchy bites? how does one deal with the itch of a mosquito bite? Mosquitoes love my son and I. He itches so much he scratches them until they are big bloody open sores…


Terrain answer:

Insect bites are injecting tiny amounts of insect venom along with other debris which is present on the insects stinging anatomy. These substances cause irritation within our skin and are a foreign body which the body must expel. The easiest way for the body to expel these substances is for our blood or fluids to push them out at the point of entry. This is why the area becomes inflamed (red and swollen), blood and fluids are rushed to the area to push out the debris/toxins. We get an itching sensation to tell us to itch to break the skin and expel the waste more quickly.