December 12, 2022

I’ve now watched all 3 YouTube...


I’ve now watched all 3 YouTube videos (fascinating) and read much of the resources in here.
I’m still struggling with:
1) The vehement certainty around our planet being a globe.
2) Reconciling Schauberger’s work on water with what seems to consesnsus here around distillation. i.e. Is distilled water not “dead”? (though I imagine RO and other filtration methods have similar issues?)
3) Roberts assertions about the Phoenecians being the origin of the current system I can buy. Been coming across it for decades now.
But if he’s right, and they truly control EVERYTHING, how do I know this group is the only legitimate source for info? (Particularly on this platform).
The older I get, the more open I try to be to different concepts and ideas. But that tends to involve far less certainty and belief. And far more pragmatism.
The videos particularly, whilst fascinating and in depth, are delivered in a very “matter of fact” style.
Curious if anybody can help with these thoughts.


Terrain answer:

Just to clarify, Robert’s statements on Natural Hygiene are in alignment with the science of Natural Hygiene. His other statements are his own opinions, not relevant to Natural Hygiene but which he feels answers some questions people often have. His … See more