December 12, 2022

I’ve read through most of the...


I’ve read through most of the material. It makes sense and I appreciate all your work there.
I follow a few of the people promoting the “Carnivore diet”.
They argue that most vegetables should be considered survival food, not health food.
One of the big arguments they make against consuming leaves, stems, stalks, seeds, and roots is that they contain “defense chemicals”.
They argue plants put out these defensive chemicals to disincentivize their consumption.
They point to ancestrial diets and certain primitive cultures that prize animal foods and wild fruits but avoid most other plant foods.
Most fruit is ok, they say, because that’s the part of the plant that it wants you to eat.
Do you have an opinion on this idea that plants create chemicals to protect themselves and cause digestive issues in humans??


Terrain answer:

Many plants are inedible. It is a typical false argument. Just like their attempts at arguing that humans are not herbivores. We aren’t herbivores. No one is arguing that humans are herbivores. It’s their typical straw man argument, changing the … See more