December 12, 2022

Just a thought how would someo...


Just a thought how would someone suggest Educating a 7year old on the appropriate foods, I want him to have a better understanding, because we are the minority, and he sees his dad who is far away from the human diet, well last weekend, my son was sick, and apparently it was the the fruit he had before he left, but when I spoke to my son, his dad had bought him milkshake, chocolate, crisps, and ice pops and then chips and gravy all in 2hours, surely this enough to send any body into over drive, the next morning my son asked his dad for some cucumber, and his dad said no you need something more substantial and took him McDonald’s, now we are far from the cleanest, but we certainly don’t allow that type of foods, so looking at ways in which he will better understand looking after his body, and why the foods we eat can cause more harm, he’s vaccine injured aswel, any ideas on books etc


Terrain answer:

Alexandra Kenny Have you come across any good books for kids that might be helpful?