December 12, 2022

Kids testing positive for RSV


Ok.. im in multiple mom groups and its been constant lately.. Kids testing pos for rsv. This is multiple posts a day right now. Some go to day car or public school, dome do not. Some are babies, some kids. This is multiple areas too. What can really explain this? Its hard to think so many are going threw the same issue and its just a random detox. Im not sure what testing methods are used either. Is it because the doctors happen to be testing for it?


Terrain answer:

Confirmation bias. We see things we are told are happening in greater frequency.
Like when you buy a new car and then all of a sudden you see that car model everywhere. Your brain has been provided with a new filter and so you filter the millions of pieces of information you are encountering through that new filter.
People see other kids getting RSV so they are more open to testing for RSV. You see more posts about it, so you read more posts, and then FB helps you see even more because anything you pause on FB scans the keywords and feeds you more of that. Further reinforcing the bias.