April 24, 2023

Any suggestions for frozen shoulder?...


Any suggestions for frozen shoulder?


Terrain answer:

Chris Alexander, adhesivus capsulitis is latin for… frozen shoulder. The itis gives a clue for a start which is the inflammation. The movement that causes pain is the dry sheaths surrounding the muscles that are trying to slide over one another without any lubrication. You haven’t said anything about your diet and lifestyle, I can only assume that it is not exactly what is the ideal terrain model diet. If you could follow that then long term your issues may resolve forever. Short term you may find that you have a pinched nerve in the neck. If you can find a manipulative physiotherapist, then they may be able to help by finding which two vertebrae are squeezing the nerve and pushing with the thumb between the two vertebrae to separate them. Not always a fix but worth a try. <3


I’ve had a couple people in my family deal with frozen shoulder and for them each time physical therapy helped but it was ultimately more of a nerve issue – I’d try looking into some chiropractic care – you should be able to call a few different chiropractors and ask them if they’ve dealt with this type of thing before and see what they have to say. You should be able to find someone who has had some success and chiropractic is usually pretty affordable even without insurance.

What happens is either due to some trauma or slowly over time the shoulder joint gets pulled and twisted out of working order and eventually stops working normally. Putting everything back in place helps, but in order to really solve the issue you need to tone up the surrounding muscle so the joint doesn’t continue to warp and fall back out of order.

Physical therapy usually helps to some extent because it will help the muscles and the shoulder area from deteriorating further and ideally it will help get the muscles in better condition to keep the shoulder joint working normally. If you don’t want to deal with actually going to a physical therapy center and getting professional help I don’t blame you – you should probably be able to find some good videos online explaining shoulder exercises and should be able to educate yourself enough to get things going that way.


Group participants comments:

Chiropractor and excellent massage therapist.

Stop sleeping with your arms up!

ugh that is the worst. I had that in 2010, unfortunately I had surgery

Had two…little relief…then a decade later damaged rotator cuff plus pinched nerve (worse than frozen) ..tried various therapies with moderate, temporary relief. My saviour was NAC every morning…pain free for first time in years. I eat mostly raw and follow terrain…but the pain and consequent sleep deprivation needed more help…

We unfroze my mother in laws shoulder with MSM (methylsulfonyl methane) in two days. This was in my pre Terrain years. Now I would say she was missing living foods and vital minerals from leafy greens, etc ‍♀


As a physical therapist, I would recommend physical therapy. The natural human diet will help tremendously, it may even speed up the traditional progression of healing. Healing typically takes 12 months – people sometimes move faster or slower along that timeline. If you heal in a short period of time down this, please let us all know!
Since it is both muscular and neuromuscular, I would recommend finding a physical therapist that is certified in either PNF or postural restoration (PRI). This will give maximum benefit and maximum progression. PRI will work on the rib cage and diaphragm repositioning whereas traditional therapy normally just focuses on the shoulder and a few ribs independently. Maybe the neck.



PRI providers are hard to find because there’s very few of them in the United States. They are always worth driving to because they will be completely unique from traditional therapy. If no one is nearby, you can call the Institute and see if there’s someone with partial certification in your area. Providers are loosely found around the world (mostly USA).

Try thawing it out

I had that in both of my shoulders over the last three years. I tried a chiropractor but to be honest I do not thing that is the way to go for shoulders. It started in my left one and I guess it was from sleeping wrong or reading my i pad in bed. The chiro I went to is good but I just don’t think many chiros can deal with shoulders. Finally a girl who worked at his practice recommended a guy who specializes in shoulders. He used to work in that same chiro office when his dad was the chiro there but his dad died. Anyway, he rents out a small room in an exercise center where he works with his clients and I can’t remember what his actual degrees are in but try to find someone who specializes in shoulders. He would do special massage and ultrasound and suggested exercises for it. It took well,over a year for the left shoulder to get better and then the right one went bad. That took ten months of once weekly visits to get better. But you need to expect that because shoulders just take a long time to rehab. He did not take insurance but I only paid $35 a visit . He also would use special tape and I think that helped as well. Good luck!

I have been dealing with a frozen shoulder and a damaged rotator cuff for about 10mths now.

I also damaged it twice since with 2 more accidents. Quite unlucky!

At first I went for physio therapy and accupuntcure but I found this made it worse.

I stopped and decided to be more gentle and to support the healing process rather than force it. I used a tuning fork which really helped with the pain. I also bought the prife itercare wand and wanted my shoulder – this helped because it is heat and rife frequencies. I found it relieved pain and helped with freeing up some movement.

Then when I felt I could face it I went for sports injury massage, I have found this to be really helpful. It is painful to receive but it has been freeing up my shoulder and it gets better each week.

I also do notice that the cleaner my diet the better my shoulder gets. This all happened at a time my diet wasn’t the best it could be. So as always diet plays it part.

Because that I don’t know. I can just tell you how to physically get rid of it in 30 seconds

Okay I can get rid of your frozen shoulder in 30 seconds, I can tell you how to get someone to do it for you, because you can’t do it to yourself. However it’s muscular. I even have a video of how to do it online for free. However, am I supposed to give you a diet recommendation based on the terrain model? Because that I don’t know. I can just tell you how to physically get rid of it in 30 seconds

Always bare in mind
“Intelligently do nothing”
9 times out of 10 it will resolve itself Goodluck

PT. But know that a frozen shoulder goes through stages and literally it will be “ frozen” and hard to move for a long time . It will “ thaw” after frozen stage. But still prolonged stretches, etc are needed

I had it quite painfully but it went after not very long on a hygienic diet

Have to increase your Amino Acids for start