April 24, 2023

Hi all! Has anyone that has been on this diet for...


Hi all! Has anyone that has been on this diet for some time gotten routine lab work that confirms zero abnormalities and deficiencies, no anemia, etc.?

There is no doubt in my mind that when I eat fruit and raw veggies instead of cooked foods I feel great, I have clarity…I’d like to fully transition to the diet but I have young growing boys and I worry if it’ll be enough for them.


Terrain answer:

Yes, I had similar concerns when I was transitioning, but after several years on fruits and greens all my blood work was confirmed fine and I had even reversed a lifelong thyroid deficiency. B12, iron, everything was normal and my thyroid numbers which had been low my entire life had returned to normal ranges

There can be an adjustment period where your blood work results can get a little wonky as your body is cleaning out, but after a while of detox and repairing everything comes back into balance.

If you’re nervous that’s totally normal – we usually recommend people transition slowly instead of going full 100% cooked / processed foods => raw all at once. Generally we recommend trying a nice big fruit meal for breakfast, a nice big salad for lunch, then a meal of cooked foods or more ideally steamed veggies with minimal irritants / salt / etc for dinner. Ideally you want to avoid dairy, wheat, and rice because these things negatively impact digestion the most. Potatoes, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, etc can be good replacements – if you want something a little more substantial maybe some beans or peas etc. The point is just to minimize the bad stuff and maximize the good stuff however you are comfortable doing it, and over time it will get easier.

Find fruits you really enjoy and you’ll want to eat more of them – find a nice salad recipe you really like and it won’t get boring or redundant. Over time you’ll start to notice the cooked and processed foods are making you feel worse – tired, lethargic, unmotivated, etc, and it will get easier and easier to cut these out too.

Anyway, no need to rush into things or go to extremes, you can take your time and try to make it an exploratory process and it’s more enjoyable this way and you don’t have to put a ton of pressure on yourself either


Group participants comments:

I was fully raw between 2012-2020 with both pregnancies, didn’t do a full blood test but my iron was fine and all was good even with no prenatal vitamins. About two months after my second birth and while breastfeeding two at the same time, they checked my iron and told me it was almost back to normal and it was far better that they see in other postpartum women, apparently it takes others longer to get their blood iron back.
I did full tests when I was raw for only a year and they were all perfect.
Mind you, before changing my diet I had always been anemic since I was a baby. Not anymore.
I am high raw now only because we have been on the road for such a long time but now that we have finally settled again the plan is to go back to fully raw.

Labs have nothing to do with it.

The lab work and results are all based on faulty premises anyway.