December 7, 2022

LAST CALL The August challenge...

The August challenge starts tomorrow!
Are you ready to create sustainable change, overcome cravings and set yourself up for success on the natural human diet? Join Alexandra Kenny and myself in our challenge group where members find the support and guidance to create lasting change returning to the natural human diet.
In this challenge we help you achieve your best health, achieve your ideal weight, look and feel younger, have abundant energy, and return your body to a state of ease and comfort with the support of a caring community.
If you are interested in taking the challenge and having our help and support to return to your best health join us in the August Challenge.
To join the challenge send the $20 admission via Venmo or PayPal, then send one of us a PM and we will send the link to our private challenge group.
Lauren Whiteman :
Paypal: or LWhiteman
Alexandra Kenny :
Venmo: @hygienicmomma Alexandra Kenny
Payment for august challenge is 20$
IMPORTANT: Please note in payment your Facebook name so we can find you on Facebook.
Thank you!