December 12, 2022

Lately we have been getting a...


Lately we have been getting a lot of posts asking for specific medical advice or asking for specifics about various “disease” labels of allopathy.
First I have to explain that we cannot give medical advice. That is the realm of the disease for profit industry and they take their work very seriously and punish with vengeance anyone who tries to “treat” their “diseases”.
What we can do is teach how the ONE disease, Toxemia is created and reversed.
The first thing one must realize if they wish to heal is that healing begins with an understanding that the 100,000 plus “diseases” of allopathy are all just collections of symptoms. These symptoms are the result of toxemia, Toxemia being the ONLY disease. Toxemia or toxicosis in various parts of the body and at varying levels (clean to dirty to very dirty) results in symptoms of toxemia expressing in different ways in different bodies. This leads to the disease industry creating thousands of different “disease” labels to describe all the different ways that a body can malfunction when its terrain is dirty. A disease label allows them to legally sell patented poisons to treat that “disease”. Without the label they are unable to patent and sell their poisons.
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Once you understand that there is only ONE disease, then you can begin to reverse the conditions which have created your symptoms.
In allopathic, chinese medicine, “natural” medicine, homeopathic medicine, etc all roads lead to “treatment” of the “disease” by suppression of symptoms.
In the Terrain Model there are never any treatments. There is only REMOVAL of CAUSE.
In allopathy, et al, the body is divided into segments and disease is assigned to one organ or one part of the body only. Treatments are designed to “attack the disease” as though it is an invading force.
The Terrain model, on the other hand, is a systemic approach that takes the whole organism into account, understanding that the body is one organism working together symbiotically, we understand that where there is dis-ease in any area there is dis-ease in the whole body.
There is only ONE disease, Toxemia, and the path back to health is always the same, returning to ingesting proper foods, appropriate to our biology and taking digestive rest as needed. Symptoms are always either part of the body removing the excess waste, or a result of dysfunction caused by the waste remaining in place. So in order for the body to heal itself, all we need to do is start lifting the burden that is causing the waste to build. We do that two ways, the first is by transitioning our diet, over time, back to the natural diet for your species, and the second is through digestive rest, aka Fasting.
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