December 7, 2022

Lauren Noelle Takacs was good...

Lauren Noelle Takacs was good enough to dig up this article on Coffee, Tea and Cocoa which will probably be as unpopular as the meat articles but is important to know all the same. The more we stimulate, whether that is with flesh foods or drugs, the more we drain our nerve energy. When the nerve energy runs out, life runs out, so to quote Herbert Shelton, “Life should be built on the conservation of energy.”
“Stimulation is irritation; a stimulant is a substance that temporarily occasions an increased vigor of action by means which exhaust the power of action, thereby actually reducing vigor. When this occurs, there must be a corresponding period of rest and sleep. Exhaustion necessitates depression; stimulation must be followed by debility. All of our poison habits have debilitating effects on the organism and increase the precariousness and fragility of life.”