December 12, 2022

Lauren Whiteman, have you always eaten clean?


Lauren Whiteman, have you always eaten clean? Were you raised like this? If not was it difficult to change? Do you have children? If so, do you homeschool? I was just wondering how you would deal with what they would teach your child in science class. And finally, how much do you spend monthly to feed yourself and family if you have a family? I have loads more questions I would love to ask you and I hope you don’t mind these.


Terrain answer:

I have not always eaten clean and was definitely not raised on the natural human diet. I suffered with a lot of health conditions starting in my teen years with insomnia, depression, manic moods, suicidal thoughts and extreme anxiety. Between my 20’s and mid 30’s that progressed into IBS, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, painful periods that were so bad that I could not get out of bed most months during that period. In my early 30’s I developed a golf ball sized mass in my breast.
It was a struggle to return to the natural diet and I did it in phases, which is why I recommend gradual transition. Some people can just shift 100% all at once and stick to it, but I think most people are more like me, where we need to let things fall by degrees. I went back and forth to cooked foods, back to coffee a number of times, giving up chocolate and wheat were probably my two biggest hurdles. But I just kept making positive changes and the more positive changes I made along the way the more I could feel the discomfort in my body when I ate something less than ideal. Over time the reminders from my body make it easier to stay the course, but even after many years of eating this way I still have temptations and I still have the occasional less than ideal meal. No one is perfect and I don’t believe in pretending like we are. We are all just doing our best. We know the ideal and we strive towards it and we get closer all the time, but we are still not perfect and never will be and that is totally fine.
I spent 20 years in a physically abusive relationship, because of that I do not have kids yet, I did not feel that it would be a safe environment to raise children in. I would love to have kids some day, but that is in God’s hands and God’s will. I can tell you that when I have kids I will definitely homeschool them, breastfeed and follow all of the hygienic practices so they don’t have to suffer like all of us did. Having gone to public school myself I have lived through the consequences so I would fully accept that their education is my responsibility, not the states.
Instead of having children I spent the last 6 years taking in shelter dogs with terminal and chronic disease conditions and returning them to pristine health which is how I learned the terrain model. All things happen for a reason.
How much I spend depends on what I want to spend each month. Some months I want to save for something and I will spend very little and other months I feel like splurging and will buy more expensive fruits.
I’ve lived below the poverty level so I have a deep appreciation for the value of a dollar. I have lived on just 2 cases of bananas – 40lbs each at roughly $12 a case plus ½ a head of lettuce at a dollar a piece $15 for lettuce plus $24 = $39 for the entire month.
But on average I spend between $25 and $50 a week to feed myself, 3 dogs and 4 cats. And then every few months I will spend around $80 to replenish nuts, seeds and dried fruits, which I eat very sparingly.
But at times, especially around the holidays if I am making more elaborate dishes I will spend more.
I am happy to answer questions. Some questions I don’t have the answers to but those I do I am always happy to share what I have learned or point to resources for further study. I realize that there are people out there that will use whatever answer I give to deny themselves and their children a life free of disease. Some will come along and say, “She doesn’t have kids so therefore she cannot know how to feed and care for a child.” Those same people would find another excuse if I showed them an entire house full of children. Health is a gift we have to be willing to choose for ourselves. So if people want to know how I do things I am always an open book willing to share both my successes and my failures.