December 7, 2022

Let us review what the physici...

Let us review what the physicians are admitting. First, it is not known exactly which virus ‘causes’ colds. Indeed, it may be numerous ones. Chilling doesn’t cause colds in the absence of the virus, yet viruses are ubiquitous. If the virus is sprayed into throats, it causes inflammation in “susceptible” hosts only. The disease doesn’t run the same course as it does in those individuals who really develop a cold and whose tissues are not made irritable by foreign agents. So-called respiratory pathogenic bacteria are present in the throat washings of people who never develop symptoms of disease. They are present in some who have colds, but killing them doesn’t shorten the period of sickness of the individual. What a mish-mash of contradictions upon which to base a practice.
Yale Kneeland, Jr. sums up the medical viewpoint in the following manner: “It can be stated that the common cold is due to one or more filterable viruses and that only in highly susceptible persons is there an ‘etiologic complex,’ i.e., a bacterium acting in concert with a virus. The bacterial effect may be either the general intensification of symptoms already referred to or a clear-cut complication, such as purulent sinusitis or otitis.”
How much simpler if physicians’ befuddled brains could be washed clean of viruses and bacteria or if they could recognize the beneficial effects of bacteria. How lucid would their day be when they would know the truth. Colds develop and are not “caught.”
Bacteria and viruses have nothing to do with the development of coryza. They may be complicating features or function as saphrophytes feeding on the debris. They arrive on the scene when tissues and fluids are abnormal and survive as long as the tissues remain abnormal. They help clean up the debris. Our enervating way of life is the true cause of colds.
Let us look at the life of Miss Nasal Drip. She is a heavy milk drinker. Never does a day pass that she doesn’t drink at least six or more glasses of milk. She is an “early” sleeper, never going to bed before 3 a.m. She overeats on starches, shunning all salads and taking very few fresh fruits. She avoids the sun because it makes her freckle. In general, she leads a very enervating life. When toxemia mounts to above her established tolerance level, which it does quite often, then her nose, like a steam valve, lets out the excess. As she never ceases her heavy starch eating even while she has a cold, but seems to eat even more, sometimes taking as many as eight small red potatoes at a time, and gulping more milk to “soothe” her irritated throat, her colds last anywhere from three to four weeks. They run on and on because cause persists. The fact that her symptoms abated markedly when she ate less food did not teach her anything. Germs and viruses have her complete attention.
When we can control the eating of anyone developing a cold—either get them to cut down or to take only water for a few days—and the symptoms of coryza invariably subside, are we to believe that this invariable phenomenon of nature is due to the whim of a virus? Or, can we safely assume that when you rid the body of the cause, the effect will cease? When favorable results invariably occur, can we not say that we have a truth, or a law of nature? Or, must we continue to bury our heads in the sand and refuse to see the truth because it is not in accord with “scientific” thought?
Life Science Course Lesson 70