December 7, 2022

Let’s destroy the “diseases” l...


Let’s destroy the “diseases” lie
If you do a quick search on the web the for profit medical industrial complex will tell you there are over 100,000 different diseases, more than 7000 rare disease. Different websites will give you different numbers but the consensus is the same. Lots and lots of different diseases that you need to fear. “Diseases” that only the profit hungry medical system can “save” you from. Never fear all these scary “Diseases” will be conquered with their magic potions (better known as poisons) as long as you keep giving them more money for “research”.
A non-itchy detox rash is one disease (skin removing toxins from the body)
An itchy detox rash is another disease (also skin removing toxins from the body)
An itchy detox rash and fever is yet another disease (again the skin removing toxins while the body uses heat to also burn off toxins)
A fever and cough is one disease (heat to burn off waste, expulsion symptom to remove)
A fever with diarrhea a different disease (and again heat to burn off waste, expulsion symptom to remove)
A cough with sore throat is another (expulsion symptom, inflammation to protect the cells)
There is only ONE disease
Yes, Just ONE
Just 1️ single disease.
An over acid state of the body caused by backed up waste. AKA a constipated state of the body where acids are trapped in and around cells leading to dysfunction of those cells.
So why does it matter if we think there are One Thousand, Ten Thousand or One Hundred Thousand Diseases or we know that there is only ONE disease?
Because with 100,000 diseases we can pretend that there are 100,000 causes and 100,000 magic pills to magically fix the mystery disease.
Because if you can put a label on 3 symptoms then you can legally sell a poison to “treat” those symptoms.
Because if you can put a label on a patient you can take away their power to heal themselves.
And if you can take away their power, then you can make a lot of money off of them.
But as soon as you can understand that there is only ONE disease and out of that one disease are a wide variety of symptoms depending on where in the body the disease is expressing AND what stage (how dirty the terrain is) the body is currently in then you can understand how easy it is to heal yourself. And we cannot have that because then how would they make money off you?
When we understand the Terrain Model, we can understand that as the Terrain gets dirtier the symptoms progress.
Just like if your house gets cluttered and dirty. First you may just have a few pieces of clothing strewn around the floor. Then maybe some boxes pile up. Then you stop washing the floors. Then roaches come in, or flies. Then rats and mice. Various stages of dirty lead to different symptoms. Various stages of dirty in different rooms looks different. Laundry spilling out of the laundry basket in the bedroom is a different thing from trash spilling out of the trash can in the kitchen.
But they both have the same CAUSE and the effect can be remedied by REMOVAL OF CAUSE. They both got that way by too much waste coming in and not enough going out. And they are both remedied by cleaning the Terrain.
When we understand Terrain Model, we can look at Cause and Effect. We can say, we know there is only one disease and it manifests in different symptoms, so if I want to fix my current disease label all I need to do is clean my terrain by returning to the biologically appropriate diet for my species and eliminating as much as possible any sources of toxins being put in and on my body. Remove the CAUSE and the problem reverses course.
But for profit medicine NEVER looks at CAUSE. They never try to solve a problem by identifying and removing the cause of the problem. They just try to mask the symptoms of the problem by applying various toxins to overwhelm the detox processes and trap waste inside.
They prefer to say skin detox symptom A is caused by X, usually a “germ”, Skin Detox Symptom B is caused by Y, maybe this one is a “parasite” and Skin Detox Symptom C is a mystery cause, no microscopic critters to blame and to apply poisons to kill them.
But what if Skin Detox Symptoms A, B & C are all just the body pushing out waste just like it is designed to do? Nope, that’s way to simple and empowering. Way too logical. That traces cause and effect. That follows the laws of nature. So clearly it must be wrong.
In the next post I will discuss the various stages of disease and the difference between the expulsion symptoms versus the later chronic stages of disease.