December 7, 2022

“…Let’s go back to the year...

“…Let’s go back to the year 1820, when a Dr. Isaac Jennings, M.D., a young medical doctor, observed that as the medical doctors became older they prescribed less drugs and got better results. Mind you this was already back in those days, Dr. Jennings then decided to make bread pills (placebo), and gave it to his patients with the instructions to take one pill three times a day, go to bed, drink only pure water, and to eat nothing or the pill would not work. After three days, when the patient returned, if they felt better he got them back on juices and then solid foods again. However if the patient still felt ill, he would give them more placebos and the same instructions as before, emphasizing to eat nothing or the pill would not work.
It is on record that the cholera plague hit in the latter part of the 1820’s, and those that went to Dr Jennings were given the placebos and were cured, and those that went to the medical doctors were given drugs, died. What did Dr. Jennings do? He did nothing and by doing nothing he allowed the body to do its own house cleaning without interference or drugs, or food…
His patients came back to him and praised his medicine and the doctor for his fine work in discovering a new drug. Actually, all the doctor did was to place the patient on a fast. The pill did not interfere with the body’s functioning of cleaning house. There may be some emotional feeling that something was being done for them, but the real reason behind the cure was that the body was not interfered with and had a chance to do its work, the work it was designed to do.
Also notice that by definition, a placebo is defined as a medicine. Nobody but a licensed, practicing medical doctor can give you a placebo, for that would be practicing medicine without a license. Anyone practicing medicine without a license, convicted could be sent to prison. However, you do not need a placebo to go on a fast. All you need is rest, and drink distilled water for proper fasting….
Fasting was used for thousands of years before doctors got a foothold. When someone decided that money or a living could be made using and selling drugs, concoctions and herbs, that was the birth of the witch doctor and the medical profession. Now of course they are made chemically. When the body becomes clogged the appetite decreases anyway, and very often when the body is overloaded it will resort to drastic measures to get rid of that overload by being nauseated and vomit, or the body will put forth a fever to speed up the cleaning action and open the bowels with diarrhea, the kidneys will work harder with more frequent urination to rid the body of toxic materials. All the excretory organs will work to expel the toxins. The skin will open its pores and the toxins will pour out in the form of perspiration, the lungs will expel more toxins at this time. Even the eyes will get red and water. The nose will drip, and coughing will expel mucus. The head will ache as the poisons (toxins) race through the blood stream and to the brain. . You will get tired, and every bone will ache. Does this sound familiar? All these symptoms are telling you to get rest and leave the body alone.
What do we do about it? We have heard all the advertising on TV, the newspapers, radio, magazines that when we get these symptoms of the cold or flu that you caught a bug, or a virus and you must kill it or they will get you, go rush down to the drugstore and get Contac, Formula 44D, Aspirin, Bufferin, Tylenol, Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol, Ex-Lax or a hundred other concoctions. You go home armed with a load of patent medicines (poisons), if one is good, two are better, and four is 4 times better. The symptoms disappear and you know what you did was good, for you no longer have the symptoms you had before. You have palliated, or suppressed the symptoms and have stopped the cleaning process. The cold is the cure. Remember, if you remember nothing else THE COLD IS THE CURE.” – Ralph A Raschig