December 19, 2022

Loss of smell


Hi .. beginner here … question on loss of smell. My ex lost her sense of smell after a bout of being unwell. It’s been many weeks now, this never happened before. She Is an exceptionally healthy and fit person In general. So what could be going on and any tips for her to regain her smell? It’s a serious bummer ..


Terrain answer:

Exceptionally healthy people do not get ill and do not lose their sense of smell. If we are getting ill or getting any symptoms at all that is the body communicating that it is not well, that it requires cleaning and repair. This person may be less diseased than the average person but their body is still saying it’s under a burden.
Loss of sense of smell is the nerves being impeded in their function by a backup of wastes. Our senses are all controlled by our nerves and when our bodies are overwhelmed with waste the nerve function is negatively impacted leading to a lessened sensation.
Loss of smell is also the body’s way of telling a person not to eat. The body is saying it’s been poisoned to the limit it is currently able to handle and it requires you to stop inputting things so it can catch up on the backlog.
The question you need to ask is did she fast as soon as the first symptoms arose and until they cleared? Is she eating cooked foods? Is she eating meat, dairy, eggs, fish, beans, grains, etc? Remove the burdens from the body and the body will correct the issue. Continue to eat and the body will continue to tell you not to eat.