December 19, 2022

Loss of taste and smell after detoxing


Serious question here about loss of taste and smell after detoxing for 2 wks…I know they say it is one of the “symptoms” of fake virus going around lol….EMF or 5G related? Anyone?
I understand the body naturally loses these senses so that we focus on healing rather than digesting but it has been a month for me
Thank u


Terrain answer:

We lose our sense of taste and/or smell when the nerves in that area of our body become irritated or coated in mucus, interfering with their ability to sense. All of our senses are a result of our nerves responding to stimuli. When those nerves become blocked by either mucus or acids damaging the nerve cells then we have a decreased response, our sense of smell or taste are diminished.
5G/EMFs cannot cause your body to clean itself. EMFs can only cause harm at close distance WITH extended duration. They are like a light bulb. Light bulbs give off radiation. If we place our hand on a light bulb we get a mild burn because of the heat of radiation. In order for EMFs to cause disease they would have to be continuously burning us at close range. 5G is very low power, so the radiation range is a few inches, maybe a foot. The towers are 30 feet in the air or higher.
You would have to be at close enough range for a long duration to get burned, just like a light bulb. Light bulbs give off the same type of radiation but at much higher levels then a 5G router or cell tower. Placing your hand directly on a lit bulb, the bulb will give off enough heat to burn your hands. Holding your hand an inch above the bulb however will simply warm your hand.
There are two different types of radiation, ionizing and non-ionizing. According to radiation theory: “Ionizing radiation has enough energy to free electrons from the atoms or molecules they are attached to, and therefore ionizing them. Non-ionizing radiation lacks the energy to break these same molecular bonds and cannot free electrons from atoms or molecules.”
The sun provides us with non-ionizing radiation, radio waves , TV signals, light bulbs, cell phones, are all non-ionizing radiation.
Examples of ionizing radiation are X-rays and Gamma Rays. X-rays we know can cause burns if we are exposed for too long, but even those are relatively safe when used for short duration like getting an X-ray of a broken bone. Gamma Rays are used in chemotherapy.
5G stands for 5th Generation (of the cellular technology) and it is not actually a frequency but a band or range of frequencies. Here are some other 5G frequency ranges (called multi-layer spectrum):
C-band: 2–6 GHz for coverage and capacity.
* Super Data Layer: Over 6 GHz (e.g., 24–29 GHz and 37–43 GHz) for high bandwidth areas.
* Coverage Area: Below 2 GHz (like 700 MHz) for indoor and broader coverage areas.
Both “C Band” and “Coverage area” are in the same frequency ranges as the 2.4 GHz cordless phones we have been using for decades. The super data layer is over 6Ghz but still lower frequency then a light bulb . Frequency refers to the number of waves over a given length. Wide waves (lower frequency) travel well through buildings and human bodies but lose speed and hold less data. More frequent narrow waves travel faster and can hold more data, but their distance is limited. This is why the 5G technology uses a range of frequencies depending on the needs of the application. But all of the frequencies still fall in the non-ionizing range well below the frequencies of light bulbs.
Even with the higher ionizing technology the dangers are over exaggerated like nuclear technology. For more information on that I highly recommend this talk from nuclear physicist Galen Windsor Health and disease are both completely within our control. It is what we ingest that creates our states of disease.


Until the waste or irritants have been cleared from the area, the nerves will remain diminished. As you mentioned above, the loss of sense of smell and taste is a reminder from our bodies to fast and abstain from eating to allow the body to make the repairs necessary. If we keep eating then we keep the symptoms.