December 19, 2022

Mental illness


The terrain model posits that toxins are responsible for the body not being in an optimal state. The germ theory, on the other hand, has led to the current medical establishment which has resulted in the gargantuan pharmaceutical industry making over 1 trillion dollars per year worldwide.
The pharmaceutical companies also benefit from selling drugs to cure mental illness. Is there an alternate cause for mental illness other than what the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric institutions tell us? Is there a simple remedy for mental illness just like fruit is for physical illness?


Terrain answer:

Mental illness is physical illness. Mental illness responds to dietary intervention, often much faster than physical illnesses. Most, if not all mental illness is a result of damage to the digestive tract. Our emotions are messages from the digestive tract. Anxiety, depression, trauma, mood swings are all a result of damage to the digestive tract and the resulting vitamin and mineral deficiencies which result from that damage.
As we consume harmful foods we not only strip our bodies of vital vitamins and minerals, we also cause scar tissue and mucus to build on the walls of our digestive tract which makes it much harder for the body to absorb nutrients, leading to nutrient deficiencies in the body over time. In addition, the more acidic our bodies become, the less efficient our cells are able to function and therefore the less efficient they become at vitamin and mineral utilization. Over time this leads to neural imbalances and mental illness as well as physical illness.


I highly recommend watching this documentary on the marketing of mental illness to sell pharma drugs. It will give you a whole new perspective on mental illness.