December 12, 2022



Fellow migraine sufferers. I’ve noticed a couple of days prior to a migraine, I get a strange pain in my neck, so today I looked in the mirror. I noticed a vein bulging out of my neck with a tiny like lump where the vein appears to have a blowout before it continues on in a vein line shape. I don’t feel unwell, have been sticking to fruit and greens really hard. Wondered if anyone else has had similar or I should start freaking out? Have just been to doctors, my bloods checked out great, only low vit B12, my ultrasound though shows I have 7+ cysts on my liver, which the doctor isn’t worried about, but I am.


Terrain answer:

When veins bulge out that is usually an indication that we are dehydrated. Dehydration also tends to trigger headaches. It would be a good idea to check in with yourself when you see this and ask how much water you drank the last few days. If you are eating even a little bit of cooked foods that will rapidly dehydrate your body so you need to account for that and double your water intake.
Cysts are the body wrapping up waste and its good that you are concerned about that. I wouldn’t be worried as that will just stress you out and add to the burden on the body. Instead just take it seriously and make the necessary dietary corrections day by day to get back to an ideal diet and the body will take care of the rest.