December 7, 2022

“Most of us are living at only...

“Most of us are living at only part of our health potential. Our bodies are clogged up with uneliminated debris and toxins. This morbid matter cannot be eliminated because of lack of vitality, and vitality is lacking because the body is getting insufficient rest, sleep, fresh air, etc. The body begins a housecleaning when its circumstances are improved. When the body gets more sleep, better food, more rest and more fresh air, its vitality is enhanced.
With increased vitality the body is better able to cope with life-threatening toxins. The expulsion of accumulated toxic matters occasions symptoms which are commonly mislabeled disease and recognized as dangerous. If we believed that such symptoms (which are actually healing crises) really were dangerous, then we should also believe that drug addiction is healthful and getting off drugs is a health hazard because the withdrawal symptoms experienced are pains, headaches, nausea and other illnesses. We should also believe that smoking is healthful because smokers who don’t get their accustomed dose of nicotine suffer nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, headaches, etc. Fortunately, we know that drug addiction and smoking are injurious to our health, and we know that it takes a bit of pain and discomfort to break such habits. We also know that it is desirable to do so and not a health hazard.”
Yet for some reason, when it comes to cold and flu symptoms we cannot see that these are the same house cleaning symptoms that a drug addict deals with when the body is cleaning an illicit drug from its system. Inappropriate foods are addictive drugs just like the illegal drugs, but they are socially acceptable and so we have created stories in our minds to separate them and the consequences of ingesting them.