December 7, 2022

Most who write about health an...

Most who write about health and how to acquire it probably know this already but if you do not here is a reminder. Tomorrow, October 1st, FB is instituting new censorship rules to eliminate all voices who speak out against the disease for profit industry and help people and animals recover their health. If you have any posts which go against the poison sellers you may be a target in the coming weeks.
Facebook allows you to download all of your posts, including posts in groups. I just downloaded mine and saved to my PC just in case. If you want to download yours here is the link to where you can request a file[0]=AZVloe8AOp27LCEayKPQzT10jr3TmgMIK6G2yl0uGGprky8Yi4Xf-9yr2_Ab6GFFiSHkHI13YzeWD_FIh2iZrD0FzF1TBfOjNJGoWPX58FlTag&__tn__=H-R
If we need to rebuild this group on other platforms it may be helpful if a lot of the members here are able to back up their posts so we can add them to the Mewe group and any other platforms we set up on.