December 19, 2022

Motion sickness


Thoughts on motion sickness (boats and cars) and how to overcome it via the terrain model. Thank you all in advance


Terrain answer:

Motion sickness occurs when our eyes cannot make sense of the information being provided. We are sitting or standing still yet the world around us is moving quickly or swaying back and forth. This creates discomfort in the body. If the body is at a high level of toxicity this discomfort can kick off nausea or vomiting in some people. It just depends on where the toxicity is located predominantly in a persons body.
I used to suffer from motion sickness both in cars and on boats but I have not had any issues with motion sickness since going back to the natural diet.
It is an unnatural condition that leads to the body being confused, but a healthy body can deal with it but an unhealthy body may not be able to deal with it as well.