December 12, 2022

My 21 year old nonverbal autis...


My 21 year old nonverbal autistic daughter just had her first ever hive flareup on her upper arm a week ago. They have bern fading away slowly, but this morning they flared up again. She is a very picky eater, but i have been giving her fruit in the morning, steamed veg for dinner, and she eats peanutbutter cookies that i make with almond four, organic peanutbutter and real maple syrup. She drinks water but not very much. There is no reasoning with her as she is mentally unable to do so. Im very concerned. Should i get a blood panel done?


Terrain answer:

Why would you want a blood panel? For the hives? Hives are a body cleaning reaction. I would be jumping up and down and celebrating an autistic child having a higher energy detox response. That shows her body is gaining the vitality to expel.