December 28, 2021

Never made a post in here before but wondering if...


Never made a post in here before but wondering if any one knows anything about Narcolepsy


Terrain answer:

From the Life Science Course: “Narcolepsy is a “seizure of numbness.” It is an uncontrollable urge to sleep that may
come upon the sufferer without warning. Such a sudden urge to sleep may cause an accident or may disrupt activities, though usually the sufferer has enough warning to situate
himself/herself harmlessly.
An urge to nap should not be confused with narcolepsy. Even in a healthy person,
sleep can be induced if the person suffers a considerable sleep deficit.
Incorrect actions of body control mechanisms are eliminated when the modifying influences of drugs and body toxicity are discontinued and removed. Fasting and a healthful regime will provide the answer to these problems.”

So essentially Narcolepsy is a malfunction of the mechanism which causes us to fall asleep and stay asleep. Like any other cellular malfunction it will improve and self correct once the conditions of health are put into place long enough for the body to expel the excess acids and make repairs to the cells, organs and glands.


Group participants comments:

I know that the swine flu vaccine that scientists told us was safe had caused it in many children. Trust the science!

I’ve read long time ago that V a x x can cause it (not this current one ) but others. Knew someone who became narcoleptic out of the blue and was looking to get a service dog, that can be trained to alert her about upcoming event, so she can do things on her own . She is not my closest friend, just know because she was raising funds to get a service dog that is like $15K.