November 24, 2022

New member! I am learning more about terrain theor...


New member! I am learning more about terrain theory and slowly dismantling my beliefs. I have this hang up though with certain viruses. So, getting sick is really the bodies way of “cleaning and detoxing” right? BUT what about illnesses that have very distinct symptoms and those people that we come in contact with experience the same exact symptoms? I am referring to like a chicken pox or measles where red bumps appear on the skin.

If I didn’t actually ”catch” chicken pox from someone then why does my body detox in the same exact way with red spots, fever and itching?

This to me is why I continue to think that maybe we do catch certain illnesses from others because we experience the same symptoms as others. I hope this makes sense – if someone can explain that would be great!


Group participants comments:

Are there any books you recommend?

What about the black death bubonic plague virus certainly half the world didnt just go into deadly detox all the sudden…

The symptoms are called “disease” when in reality they are the cure. The ingestion of toxins, mainly through toxic, processed foods, but also so-called medicines, is in reality, the disease.

Chicken Pox is a detox rash. It is protein poisoning sepsis, triggered when children are fed excessive amounts of protein, especially animal proteins. Since children are typically weaned on to cooked foods on a schedule created by the medical industry, they tend to reach those limits where the body needs to dump the acids around similar times and ages. In addition, “Chicken Pox season” runs from March to May in the US, which is just after the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter binge fest in which many young children are introduced to excessive amounts of protein and refined sugar, leading to the need for their bodies to expel waste.

Chicken Pox is not “known to spread” it is just a belief which has been programmed into the masses, not a proof, not a fact. In reality, it is more common for children exposed to other children with Chicken Pox to NOT get chicken pox, but because we have been taught to believe in germ theory we have a confirmation bias skewed towards confirming the idea that things can spread. Therefore when we see a room of 20 children and 2 get sick we confirm the idea that those 2 spread the sick to each other, while ignoring the 18 children who did not get sick. We dismiss all other rational explanations, like the children have similar diets, the children were exposed to a cleaning chemical in the room which their bodies need to expel, etc. The spread has never been proven, it is just a belief that has been spread and then falsely confirmed by our brains tendency to filter information in favor of information it has been previously supplied. Lauren Whiteman

From my understanding those who terrain is “dirty” is who will catch it. So if you come in contact with a virus and you have foreign protein in your body, the virus you took in will trigger it.

If your kidneys are filtering and your clean inside, you won’t have these issues. Cause foreign chemistry will be removed.

Everyone here has a theory to explain away a “virus” but you are correct in questioning certain ones…. if a blood test can show titres for chickenpox, then clearly it is something more than detox. Terrain is definitely important; the more you take care of your health, the less sick you are.

Those who have received experimental needles detox the toxic load that’s been injected into them via their airway, pores, etc. We have also been used as experiments via aerosolized bacteria etc via geoengineering or manipulating the weather.

So many people detox differently which is why there are so many different names for the same disease, e,g., Toxicity.
By categorizing symptoms and naming them, the medical industry has created these diseases and convinced people they have contracted a specific illness, when in actuality it is only 1 illness, Toxicity.


I read this somewhere
‘We don’t believe all the trees have a ‘disease’ when they lose their leaves’
like a cold with the change in weather or after getting wet, it’s just the body doing it’s thing !!
Heal and be happy


Anxiety is contagions. Smiling – also contagions. Laughter is highly contagious. None operate with viruses. When we are in a group of people who start laughing at a joke, we start laughing as well even if we didn’t get it. We are miming others. We trust each other not only socially, but at a biological level as well. If we see others detoxing with chickenpox, then we trust them (the other cells of ONE organism) that it is the right time and place to detox in the same way (if we need it). We communicate energetically, just like plants and animals do.

I’m pretty on board with it however my son has just come down with sickness and diarrhoea..and I’ve just been on the loo for a while …. we’ve just found out other children had it at a group we were at Tues I understand with colds etc your bodies can behave like dominoes getting that knock on effect to detox but sickness I’m not so convinced

Virology is a medical hoax. There is no ‘contagion’. Viruses do not cause disease. They are exosomes/solvents, produced by your cells to clean toxicity.

The reason you may see similar symptoms of detoxing in a group is because of energetic resonance.

We signal and resonate w one another. We communicate at an energetic level about getting symptoms w one another.

Getting sick means that your body is not functioning properly cuz you are holding on to toxins instead of detoxing because you are deficient in the essential nutrients and your gut is damage.

Everything you need to know is in the group files. There are numerous short courses that you are required to participate in and read all giving perfect examples and explanations. Check the files for new members.

I struggle with this one. But know one thing the cleaner the body the less virulent the symptoms are. Viruses need a culturing medium, I.e. toxemia.

This is a great question and I love that this group are so understanding with people who are new to this and will help guide them in the right direction for answers.

I’m fairly new to the Terrain Model too and watching this documentary allowed me to step fully away from the germ theory making it easier to assimilate the information about the terrain model.

Jess Heffernan

It really is of no consequence and therefore only of recreational interest, because there is only one disease, Toxemia. The treatment is the same no matter the various symptoms, return to natural diet or if fever is present water fast.

Kris Alaimo

There’s only so many symptoms and pathways for the body to expel toxins. The magicians just put a label on them (or literally rename).
Virology is the biggest fraud they have going…it used to be their excuse for not having an answer, but now it’s the basis for boosting their revenue with getting people to take their poi$ons…that may stop your rash, but then might cause internal organs to shut down in the process…if it wasn’t so devilish, it could be called brilliant

We are all human, we have similar pathways for detox – one of the most common being the skin. Children often have skin detox events, as it is one of the least burdensome outlets on the other organs – they have a lot of energy for efficient detox! It’s actually as simple as that!


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It’s theorized “contagion” is a pheromonal signal for community detox. When one member of the tribe/community/family starts a detox, the remainder will also be triggered to detox the same tissues so as to keep the group strong and healthy.