December 31, 2021

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Group participants comments:

I was trying to respond to replies to my comment and for whatever reason I am not able to. Lauren, I believe your link I was not able to access but someone posted a link below that that I was. I glanced through a bit, but it was an outrageously long article that I did not have time for.

I believe it quoted studies.

My belief is based on what I started watching of Josh del Sol when I attended the 5G webinar seven day summit with about 5 to 6 speakers each day. A great deal if I remember correct, spoke about people experiences with With smart meters, and without, etc. and their personal experiences when they got away from the 5G and their ability to heal.

I do not recall if they change their diet also, but let’s say even if they did not change their diet, if they were getting very ill, and then got away from the 5G type things and smart meters and we’re suddenly getting better, that tells me something about 5G.

Let’s say they changed their diet and they started feeling better. I still don’t believe it’s a good thing to expose ourselves to environmental toxins.

So if they could feel better escaping EMFs without changing their diet, that indicates to me that likely these things are not a healthy thing we want to be around

Louise Pedersen

Be careful what you say here. Was in a group that spoke in code about this. We were shut down and even made the news. Referred to as anti v and conspiracy theorists!

Alan Chaloner

Does this apply to bleeding after post menopause?

Well, I can not personally speak to breakthrough bleeding but, I have experienced unexplained bruising, severe hip pain and nerve pain after being subjected to recently jabbed individuals. Do we really understand the nano technology and its abilities?

Lynn Huberty

I’ve sent you a message Lauren . I hope you don’t mind.

This is very interesting and informative. I’ve had horrible cycles since I was 13 year old. I’m now 48 going strong. ‍♀‍♀‍♀
I have a question about the first part of this post concerning others not being able to make us sick from something in their body. I’m having trouble understanding how every time my granddaughter coughs in my face, I get whatever it is that she has. Runny nose, cough, fever, etc. Why is this?

Janey Covington

Funny you are discussing menses and I thought this condition was the norm but besides your message here I have heard from Dr. Morse and from an African hollistic dr. that bleeding is not normal of healthy women. After these many years I’m finally hearing this…. it’s so sad how deceived people are. Like you mentioned, this location is just another way the body will detox.

You can write the same thing a thousand times, with the clearest logic. The programming is so deep that most people just cannot grasp it. If ONLY they could EXPERIENCE how incredibly empowering this information is. Having no other thing to blame is not suffering, it is FREEDOM!

Are pheromones being taken into account and how they affect others? How can one dismiss they may play a role in affecting another woman’s cycle?

If we were just talking about “natural” germs, illness and disease, I agree. However, if Gain of function research is real then all bets are off, it changes everything.

Everything you said is so perfect, and really gets us to be open minded and think for ourselves, instead of just following the programming they want us to

I agree with all, except, I do believe 5G is extremely dangerous and could possibly kill us, based on what I’ve learned. When this hoax started almost 2 years ago, I knew it was a hoax.
But I wanted to learn everything I could about what was going on and was open to hearing everything. I did a seven day summit on f I v. E. Jiwith about 5 to 6 speakers every single day.

It’s actually quite terrifying the power of this extreme radiation.

There’s still so much I don’t understand. I don’t know if it’s all five ji or maybe other things, but things like how they can just start fires, and I think lower or remove oxygen.

It was quite a while ago that I was learning about it, but it’s just more of our government/and the global elite intentionally trying to murder the majority of us and keep the rest of slaves

Thank you for taking the time to write this, i will read when i have time. …
From what some scientists have said is that they do not shed, they transmit.
i have note looked into this however have read about cases from different ages; 6yr old starting to bleed vaginally after parents were injected and 79yr old woman who felt a shock/charge in her body when she hugged her very recently injexted friend, became unwell, two weeks later finally saw her doctor, doctor sent her straight to ED, they could not diagnose, put her under a specialist who said she needed urgent surgery for removal of ovaries. She was a very healthy and active woman prior.
These and other cases may be a coincidence however every thing has a frequency and we can impact others and ouselves with our thoughts and health etc. …
One published paper i looked at, showed the blood of scientists who had worked with an extreme pathogen (not ebola however in same/similar group with strictest of conditions) and had been affected by it. …
Unsure how true this is as i am aware there is much misinformation around.
Thanks again, and i look forward to reading.

Lauren Whiteman hi! Im new and was reading some of the files. Wow! Herbs are poisonous?! This is devestating to hear as its in all my natural cough medicine for myself and my children . I drink tons of herbal teas, dandelion, chamomile, nettle, red raspberry, lemon balm… so all of this is poison? What about vitamins and minerals supplements? Vitamin C ? Amino acids? All the supplements for the “rona”. All bad ? Are vitamins bad Even if whole food based ? Being on a raw diet, how do you consume potatoes, sweat potatoes? Are they not to be eaten? You just do raw fruit and vegetables / leafy greens? Spinach raw ? And warm tea or warm soups ? I put raw onions in my salad thinking its helping my gut and keeping me free of pathogens . I have been taking a drop of oregano oil every day to help when i feel sick. Am i permanently damaging myself with all this stuff ?

Where is the source of this information please.

Could you pls provide sources for all your statements above?
Especially interested in the one that women are not designed to bleed each month, & that bleeding will stop altogether or only occur periodically to eliminate toxicity and importantly that fertility remains. Very interesting!

It would be useful for members if you attached links for your findings.
Many thanks

I beg to differ on a few points, but more specifically on the point that the vaxxed cannot have an affect on another womans menstrual cycle. This happened to me twice. First, after attending the funeral of a family member who died of a clot (yip, vaxxed). Bleeding started 2 weeks earlier and lasted 2 weeks! 2nd time it happened was after attending the wedding of a family member..but this time it started 2 weeks early and only 3 days of spotting.
After the wedding, my sister (also unvaxxed) started bleeding early too…with a day of severe bleeding with major clots. She went to see the local (natural) pharmacist, who confirmed the likelihood of “shedding” causing this and said he’d had several folk report this phenomenon to him.

Both my sister and I are REGULAR, 28 DAY CYCLE, 7DAY MENSTRUATION women. This has never happened to us before…
The women who are speaking out about this happening to them are being shut down and silenced.

Brilliant Lauren!

The covid vaccine. Hahaha

Where can this be debated please?

I have 2 friends who have been ICU nurses thru this whole thing. They don’t know each other and live on opposite sides of the country. BOTH have told me emphatically that this V sheds!!! I believe them.

There too many people with these reactions for it not to be something it’s even in the Pfizer papers

So really the vaccines are causing the changes as you said it’s a channel to get rid of toxins??
So it’s changed to get rid of toxins from the vaccine, so these reports of it changing womens cycle are real as it’s doing what you said it would if the body doesn’t agree? I do believe lifestyle effects the cycle and a lot of what else is said here,

The moon.

Natural and unnatural chemicals and energies have abounded since the beginning of time and if we keep our own bodies in balance; we move through them all.

Sarah Clarke

absolutely brilliant! thank you Lauren

But Pfizer admitted it. It’s in black and white.

when I kiss someone, and within 5 minutes my lips start to swell and i get pimples on my lips…and then the next day the pimples are gone.then i go back to the person and i kiss them and have pimples again…then I know that something is transmitting through touch. Whatever toxic byproducts are processed through the skin – can come out through the skin. Whether its proteins, or skin cells, or energetic parasites or whatever – there is something going on. It doesnt refute terrain theory, terrain theory is STILL correct and in alignment with this, because its essentialy ”terrain” that is being shedded, NOT germs. Its dirt, fungus, parasites, toxic waste, acids etc. that can very well be transmitted through the skin.

There is also parasites like ”Scabies” which I got Infected by many years ago through another person, a tiny microscopic parasite that digs tunnels in your skin and lays eggs…which had nothing to do with diet because i was fasting and eating one meal of grapes a day at the time.

The time I got ”herpes” from that person I kissed I was on a 30 day juicefast, after being fruitarian omad for 3 years.

So – you have to differentiate. Germ theory IS FALSE, that is clear, but terrain can be transmitted, as can be parasites, I suggest you take this into account when writing posts to prevent unnecessary confusion and controversy when the basic message and writing of your post is beautifully accurate.

Blessings <3

Clare Martini

An excellent post Lauren, well worth the read, thank you.

Amazing post, thankyou ❤

Yes but you aren’t talking about a normal v here are you. This is a different type of v not tested before ever!!!! I work with women and this has been a common theme, irregular, heavy periods, after being around people who have had the v. There needs to be a studying done into shedding and it’s effects.

Funny tha5 absolutely NOTHING in my life has changed except I’m in contact with those who are vaxxed and 6 times now, I’ve got my period exactly 12 hrs after being in contact with them. I almost agree with this terrain theory until this rubbish was pushed this hard. I know my body better than most and I know full well that after 20 yrs of a 28 day cycle, 5 day period that always falls on a Sunday/Monday (New Moon) to get it for 3 days here and there exactly 12 hrs after contact with someone vaxxed within 3 days prior to contact. All contacts are in different suburbs, different ages, post menopause, pre menopause, one was a 5 yr old boy etc. I know what’s causing this.
Nanotech mixed with the spike……
This is a depop jab.

Thank you, Lauren ✨✨

This is very interesting!

Michael Heath

Very well said. Thank you for this truth. God Bless.

I 100% know and agree w terrain theory, but there is DEFINITELY something transmitting off of the Vd people. I am having period issues just from being around people who are around Vd people a lot! (Third party) and the issues halt immediately after I stop going near them- it’s unreal!

You are ignoring that everything is energy. People who feel energy are having headaches from the energy coming from shot people.


Great article explaining why periods are unnatural:

Thank you! This is the best information, and everyone needs to read it!!!!!!

Wow! Thank you for posting this! I have been going forth and back about this “shedding” thing. I knew from the beginning that it is a way to keep unvaxxxxxed in fear, but then it just swing forth and back because as you did say we don’t know what is normal. Thanks for this in-depth information. It is very helpful if someone debunks the lie and provides other explanations.

I think u should have a look at what’s on
U can just build your own everything and not even bother about the corporate governments propaganda, because you’d be operating a different currency as a secured party creditor.
U could, on paper assign your consent away from tyranny and notice the corporation pretending to be a government.
Come play with the matrix with emovens.
That was a great read btw. I feel the same about having a remedy which is proven with evidence but people still won’t listen, even if it gives them everything they’d need to heal creation. x

often a back back :

Bleeding is also the only way for the body to get rid of excess iron. So if you’re eating processed foods, you are getting an overload of iron. The greatest thing that happened to me this year although it was difficult was that I hemorrhaged for NINE weeks. Making it difficult to leave my home or do any normal tasks. However, I previously had been diagnosed with hematomachrosis and a blood panel done after that nine weeks revealed an very normal iron level. I am so grateful for eating whole real foods and my body’s ability to detox what it needed to.

Normally I would agree with you…if this was biological

But this injection is not a vaxxxine and thus does not behave like one. The ‘shedding’ caused by this mrna technology is not natural. Just like a razor blade can cut you . So can this injection, but from the inside. This is not something you can catch like a cold or virus. This is nanotechnology ..yes it was designed that way. In 2014 they designed so called ‘vaccines ‘ to be injected into a few animals . Those animals were then released so that the ‘vaccine’ can spread to the rest of the herd via close contact.
We’re not talking about germ vs terrain here …this is a technology , something programmable.. its not biological.

The shedding in this case is real ..but maybe shedding is just the wrong word ..maybe we call it transference or propagation instead

I guess then women being around and experiencing miscarriages is their fault too?
Too many coincidences here I’m afraid and some scientiscts have found that this dead shot not only sheds, it’s design to transmit the spike protein unfortunately

Morphic resonance.

Hummm, not sure I agree with this! In the natural world/ nature I suspect this statement would be correct. However, when you are injecting God only knows what (bypassing every natural defense the body has to fight illness) I think the game and the laws of nature changes… It goes back to the old debate of injection vs ingestion. When you ingest a harmful toxin or pathogen your body and particularly your immune system gets to work on it. Primarily using immunoglobulin A, to deal with and excrete it safely. When you inject these ingredients you bypass every normal route your body would have at its disposal. It makes sense that these injected ingredients would ultimately make their way to the blood stream allowing them to proliferate rather than be excreted naturally. Add to this the fact that covid jabs are not a true vaccine. They are using a type of technology that has never successfully been administered to humans before and the truth is that we really have no idea what the potential side effects or shedding possibilities, when you inject them into a nice warm host carrier, may actually be (and likely won’t for many years!)….

Although it’s worth noting that I don’t live in fear of the potential shedding aspect, I have faith in my immune system and my health, same as I always have. I personally have been around many recently jabbed people and don’t seem to have suffered any effects that I’ve noticed, but I know MANY who have and its too many with exactly the same symptoms, which they never had before in their lives, for it to be a coincidence….


Tessa Nehls !!!!!

Great post and very much appreciated thank you

After making drastic changes to my diet, I experienced a lot less cramping and PMS. Then I learned about Candida, and I was able to eliminate all PMS and all cramps with acidophilus. After Candida treatment, once in a great while I would get really bad intolerable cramps. I eventually figured out it was the rare times I ate white flour that caused them. I understand that white flour blocks nutrients like calcium and magnesium from being absorbed into the body. The uterus needs calcium and magnesium to expel the lining.

Thank you for posting and urging me to thing! I am very new to this and still getting used to this. I’m ready aware everything’s else was a lie so unsure why this one I taking me some time. I was convinced ‘something’ she’d from my mum after she got her first dose in January. My cycle….changed. i was packing my house with 2 toddlers and trying to sell, while also wondering why was going on in the world. Stress! It always proves to be so terrible and exaggerate any issue the body already has. That and I’ve never eaten great, so that wasn’t helping. I heard rumors there was a 5g tower put up close to there, never confirmed as we moved so I’d.

Dogma works best for people who don’t have no idea what is going on.

Thanks for the post. I am always curious to hear more reasoning from this perspective. I guess I’m still left with why so many people had these different menstrual symptoms in a certain timeframe. Was their terrain strained due to new stresses? I’m thinking in some ways many people have less stress bc they are working from home or not working at all. Personally our family taking much better care of ourselves including our dog but all the females in our home, including our dog had disrupted or changes in their cycles this year. It seemed to get worse before getting better at the same time many others went thru the same thing. That’s just puzzling to me. Like maybe we were exposed to a certain toxin and weren’t aware? Like in the air or water? I guess the conclusion is still the same – just keep doing the best thing and trust the body to resolve if given the best condition.

What about adverse reactions to the newest injections?
Two 70+ relatives had vaginal bleeding within weeks of first injection.
Their allopathic medical teams dismissed any connection, and went on to diagnose both with cancer. I’m watching them suffer through the tortures of surgery and chemo/radiation.

What’s being injected into people is gene altering nanotechnology. We’re not concerned about vaccines.

Blood issues can come from EMFs….5g is likely responsible for the frequency we call corona and the bleeding issue this “shedding” is blamed on…. Its the reason we are in masks for show….. they are plausible deniability for the5g not causing the hypoxia its can be responsible for.

I went from 7 day heavy excruciating painful period every month of my life from age 13 to 30’s,
Then, I changed my diet, no more meat or dairy…

My periods went to 2 days to then 1 and half which continued……

When, I went back to meat and dairy, back came the horrendous I never risked those foods again

It really works changing what we eat!

My question…. We are tuning forks… Another body equally as toxic as another….. one suddenly detoxes. Can’t that alert the other equally toxic body that its time to purge? In a very simplified way, and a demeaning one to half the people, that can seem like one person is actually making another sick, but we knew better at one point in history……

Do you believe in Jesus and His Word?

“Logic, in the face of weaponized fear, is our only defense against tyranny.”

Beautifully put!