October 29, 2022

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Group participants comments:

Amy Lynn Self interesting read

Thank you for the level of clarity you get to and share with everyone. I am very familiar with this way of life and just joined the group yesterday and it’s lovely to see you doing hard work to educate and help ppl heal. Blessings

Why is chicken pox so contagious then?

It indicates that cancer is a death sentence with no way back

I’m between 4/5 for sure.

Excellent. Thank you

So should we not eat any meat or eggs? And should we not cook any fruits or vegetables? Like we just cooked squash soup with squash, pumpkin and carrots and onions in it, is this ok? And also drinks, can we drink teas milk or water? I’m not arguing just very interested.

Wow, excellent. I’m still not 100% convinced terrain answers all issues/symptoms but it sure makes a lot of sense (vs germ theory).

Such invaluable information, Lauren. Thank you so very much! You are literally saving people single handedly. I am forever grateful, as are many others ❤

“So round and round we go, building layer by layer of dirty terrain, eventually encouraging the cells to change their structure from a healthy normal cell to a bacteria, yeast, fungus” Can someone explain the part about normal cells becoming bacteria, yeast, and fungus?

A long post but you have some invaluable data in here. I love the analogies of crusty peanut butter lymph systems and walking through mud vs a sidewalk.

I don’t see how any rational human being can read this and not at least question the “healthy” diet of high protein, high fat that we’ve been told is ideal.

With regard to lactic acid, assuming one’s cells/body is clean and is functioning well, is there any drawback to slightly strenuous exercise like long distance walking or repetitively lifting moderate weights?