February 24, 2021

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I suffered very badly with sinusitis as a child, which continued into young adult hood. When I was 23 and moved house and changed dentist, the new dentist was very concerned about how little I could open my mouth. I had had a problem with my right jaw clicking and locking for some time. This was, with hindsight possibly due to a brace about age 11. I don’t remember whether the sinus was an issue before that. Anyway, the dentist wanted my jaw to be operated on and I didn’t, so he suggested I saw a mctimony chiropractor to see if she could do anything before he referred me. She worked holistically but focused on cranial treatment and said all my skull bones were out of place. This could possibly have been through a long birth process, or being dropped on my head as a toddler. My question is could the sinusitis have been caused by injury and misalignment, maybe stopping or interfering with the correct flow of any toxins out of my body? I haven’t suffered sinusitis since the chiropractic work.

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Lauren Whiteman this is such a great read

Frankie Hose this post/file should answer your question.

Carol Koussaya per your pending post, this should answer your question about anything with “itis” and inflammation.

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Read this Mindy LaMantia

Desiree Hartbarger

How about children who are asthmatic from the beginning

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Debbie Henson per your pending post, please read this post, it will help you understand the names of “itises” which are usually after the organ or tissue area that is inflamed. We need to understand the root cause and remove the cause.

Liana Franco Canales this will explain about any names with “itis”.

Rosanna Salonia per your pending post, please read this post, it will help you understand whatever call “itis”.

I have always said this. I wonder though when the fever is really really high?

Is it okay to take 4,000mg (4 packets of 1,000mg) VitC when having a fever?

It’s the bodies way of boiling & killing off bacteria

I raised all my boys without any fever meds, antibiotics etc… For fevers I did hydrotherapy just when they got uncomfortable. I stopped using a thermometer and just watched them. I knew it was high when they were uncomfortable. I did a warm foot soak, 10 min, then put on cool [ACV] vinegar/water socks. It worked like a dream. It is good to bring congestion out of the head area as well. You can repeat it as needed. I put warm wool type socks over the wet ones and they kept them on during the night or as long a needed.

My instincts have always been to avoid medication for things like colds and flu. My family were always giving me a hard time about it but I would always feel worse for taking anything. I could feel it suppressing the natural process.

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