December 19, 2022

Nutrients intake, body PH, absorbtion


Just a reminder… you can intake all the nutrients you can BUT if your bodily pH is out of balance, your body will NOT be able to absorb all these nutrients.
The same principle applies with plants. I’m a golf course superintendent and we recently had to throw a ton of calcium out to correct the overly acidic soil pH which was around 5.5… the pH needs to be in the low-to-mid 6s for optimal nutrient availability to the plants. The same concept applies with animals, it’s science


Terrain answer:

Much like a dehydrated body will shed water if we try to drink our way back to hydration. When we increase water intake we increase urination and the body remains dehydrated. Just like dry soil repelling water.
Any time we are not meeting the needs of our physiology we are making it harder for the body to utilize what it is being provided.


In addition if we are irritating the digestive tract we will have mucus lining the digestive tract walls which further blocks the absorption of nutrients.
But unlike plants, we cannot throw a ton of any isolated nutrient at the body. Plants have the ability to pick and choose what they take up from the soil and how much. Putting in isolates into the human body just creates more burden that the body has to clean out.
Instead we have to properly feed and hydrate the body and remove all irritants which lead to mucus production so the body can absorb and utilize appropriately.


Filtering the water with a distiller or Reverse Osmosis filter.


Ph should flucuate based upon what the body is eliminating at that time.