December 7, 2022

Of late there seems to be seve...

Of late there seems to be several members who are confused about the Terrain Model diet. I just want to clarify that despite the marketing efforts of the disease for profit industry and their desire to keep humans confused about what to eat to reverse disease, there is absolutely no confusion or debate about what is the appropriate diet in the Terrain Model.
The Terrain Model Diet has proven itself true for more than 150 years through reversing disease in hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It does not matter the state of disease the person is in, or the disease label they have been given by allopathy. (The only exception is if they are already in end of life extreme Cancer conditions where the body no longer has any energy left to clean itself.) This diet has been used by the Natural Hygienists without fail because it is based upon the laws of nature.
There is a specific, biologically and physiologically appropriate diet which has been used by the Natural Hygienists healers for centuries to clean the terrain and reverse all disease conditions. It is through the work of the Natural Hygienists that we can prove Terrain Theory to be true and to be actionable.
If you are not sure what the Terrain Model diet is, please take the time to read any of the books below, many of which are available in the files for FREE. Until you have taken the time to read the Terrain Model works, please refrain from commenting on diet to save the moderators time in having to remove misinformation.
Herbert Shelton – The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition – The Hygienic System: Volume II
PDF Version Here:…/permalink/3473740559369594/
Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way of Life
Paper Copy:
PDF Version Here:
Life Sciences Course –
2295 Page Searchable PDF Here:
TC Fry
Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods
Paper Copy:
Herbert Shelton – The History of Natural Hygiene and Principles of Natural Hygiene
Paper Copy: