January 2, 2023

Oils such as Jojoba, Black Seed, Buckthorn, Sangre De Grado


Lauren, how do you feel about oils such as Jojoba, Black Seed, Buckthorn, Sangre De Grado..etc, to be used either internally or topically?
Thank you.


Terrain answer:

Internally oils offer no benefit to us. They are 100% fat with no nutrient value so they are just a burden on digestion.
Externally it is best to keep our skin clear of any products since the skin is an elimination organ that pushes waste out. If we put oils or creams or anything else on the skin it blocks the skin from being able to expel outwards.
If someone has a really uncomfortable symptom and needs something for relief then oils could be used in that narrow instance, although it will slow the healing of the body as a whole, sometimes the discomfort requires a little relief and in those cases, I would consider using something like Jojoba, coconut or olive oil.
Otherwise, it’s best to use nothing on the skin, no soap, no cosmetics, no oils, no creams or lotions. Instead, we build beauty from the inside out through proper diet and hydration.