December 7, 2022

ok questions to the parents in...


ok questions to the parents in this group, i am new to this and trying to learn. Been reading lots of things in the files and i personally find this alarming, peoples thoughts please.
Reading things like this to be discredits this author because i very strongly disagree. There is no mention of the age of the child but the rest of the chapter is re infants and under age 2
The science and fine art o food and nutrition page 367 –
Feeding the baby at night prevents both mother and child from sleeping and teaches the child irregularity in sleep. Night feeding saps the mother in supplying the abnormal quantity of milk and in depriving her of sleep. When the mother’s sleep is distrubed in this way, she is weakened and normal secretions are interfered with, resulting in an impairment of her milk. The impairment of the milk reacts unfavorably upon the child. Feeding at night is not only not necessary, it overfeeds and sickens the child. Dr. Dewey says: “The last thing you should do before entering your beds at night is to nurse your child, and that should be the last nursing until the next morning.” With the advice not to nurse the child during the night we fully agre, but the advice to nurse the child the last thing before retiring must be qualified. Women retire at different times of the night. Dr. Dewey adds: “As for night nursing it is entirely a matter of habit and a very bad one. There is absolutely no physiological need for food and a night of rest is no less important for the tender life than for the mother. If the habit has been formed it should always be broken and it will require only a short time in most cases.”
He also on a few other pages mentions using cows or goats milk if you need to for your infant………….
I am looking for advice from parents with young kids (mine are 1yr and 4yr) that follow this lifestyle and some great reading material that is a bit better aligned.
What do you feed your kids? Do for teething pain/bumps/bruises etc?


Terrain answer:

What about the process of not waking the child repeatedly through the night to overstuff and overwork the child’s body do you find alarming?