December 12, 2022

Ok, the misses has a question....


Ok, the misses has a question. She noticed a year ago her hair was shedding alot more than ever before. Now mind you this was before we drastically changed our diets and went raw frugivore. But even after all the changes in diet her hair shedding seems to just keep getting worse for her. She just hit the big 4 -0. Her hairstylist told her it could be hormonal. She’s wondering if it could be due to the change of life. But, I’m wondering if it’s due to diet. I’ve heard stories of men having their greys turn back black after going raw. I’m wondering if diet would have anything to do with her hair shedding?! Mind you she’s raw frugivore now. But prior to that she had alot of bad health habits.
Anyway, any information or resources on this would be great!


Terrain answer:

There are a number of reasons why we lose hair. Cholesterol from animal fats can impair circulation to the scalp leading to hair loss. Fungus in the scalp can lead to loss of hair. Malfunction of the endocrine glands can also lead to hair loss. Ac … See more