December 19, 2022

One friend has seizures and the other is losing hearing and sight


I have two separate friends with different issues, one has seizures and the other is losing hearing and sight. Both are young in their twenties.
I know the solution is the hygienic diet but wanted to get as much related information specific to their issues for inspiration and insight for them and perhaps some examples of people who had success in these areas so I can send them over to them.


Terrain answer:

Both are related to nervous system issues. Loss of sight could also be dehydration as the lens of the eye gets distorted the more dehydrated our bodies become. This is why many people lose their eyesight as they get older and their body becomes more and more acidic, and also why people who have worn glasses their whole lives no longer need glasses after being back on the natural diet for a little while.
Our senses are controlled by the nervous system, so that is touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.
When the body gets acidic there are a few ways that the body responds to those acids, one is by pulling alkaline minerals out of its reserves in the muscles, tissues, veins, bones, etc. Another is by use of inflammation, bringing water to the site of the acids to dilute the acids which causes swelling and can press on the nerves. Another is by creating scar tissue around the healthy cells to protect them from the acids. Another is creating tumors, cysts or other growths to surround the acidic waste/toxins and wall them off from the healthy cells.
The acid wastes themselves can trigger malfunctions, such as seizures, and the body initiated processes like swelling/inflammation can also cause the cells to malfunction. Lack of hydration to dilute the acids can also contribute to the symptoms. Rehydrating the body on fruits and water rich leafy greens allows the body to dilute the acids. Fruits provide more alkaline minerals to neutralize the acids and they help hydrate the lymph system so the body can get all of the acidic waste out of the body to stop triggering those reactions.
Loss of hearing can also be caused by a blockage of mucus. A lot of people who eat dairy products end up with hearing loss from all of the mucus caused by dairy blocking up their ears. Acids can also create scar tissue in the ears which limits hearing.
So there are quite a few different ways in which these types of symptoms can manifest, but the cause always comes down to an overburden created by inappropriate diet, leading to dehydration and overacid conditions in the body.


If you are eating a lot of cooked foods and high protein foods then starting with salads can help push out the old waste and make it easier to digest the fruits.
A lot of people have success starting with a raw till 4 approach, which is eating only raw fruits and tender greens until 4 pm and then if you still want a cooked meal have that meal for dinner along with a salad. Slowly the cooked food cravings will disappear.
Move at whatever pace feels good to you. Focusing on adding in lots of fruits and greens but not really stressing eliminating things. The bad stuff will naturally be crowded out by the fruits and greens if you just focus on adding more and more fruits each day.