September 1, 2020

One of the great myths, possibly even more pervasi...

One of the great myths, possibly even more pervasive then the Germ Myth, is the myth that we can correct deficiencies or bring health to the body by using Vitamins, Supplements or fortified “foods” to make up for a “deficiency”.
In reality, deficiency is a myth with a high profit margin and a highly profitable industry backing and promoting this myth.
Attached is an article I wrote on the subject of “Deficiency” which I hope will be helpful and will perhaps shine a light on why we NEVER recommend or consider safe any supplement of any kind. Only real, whole foods in their whole form are appropriate. And also why the clinical studies on Vitamins keep showing increased mortality rates with Vitamin consumption no matter which Vitamins they test.


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This link won’t go anywhere when I push on it. Doesn’t work. Thanks!

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For some reason the article would not go there. What about vit. D and b12. You can’t be without them

Catriona Hutchison this post/file should answer your question.

Nive Frø Kleist Johansen please read this post and file, it should answer your question. First of all, that person will need to transition to proper diet if s/he hasn’t done so. Hope this helps.

Sue Fiore this article should explain what you think about deficiency.

Shilpy Agarwal as per your pending post, this should answer your question.

Dylan Clew regarding your pending post.

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So what would you advise as clean water other than from your food. I have heard of people using distilled water. Any info on this please. Thank you

What about iodine?

Emily Stewhorn

This is page 1. The yellow highlighted part is exactly me! I’m following the 80/10/10 diet and I’m so excited to watch the body clean itself so I could start absorbing properly again!

How do you not use magnesium? Seems impossible to eat.

Hi Chelsea Boissonneault this should answer you questions

What about magnesium?

What about deficiencies caused by excessive elimination of nutrients in diarrhea and urine?

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Lauren Whiteman Lauren Noelle Takacs

This makes a lot of sense, however I’m rather confused about the “essential fatty acids”.
Someone in another FB group brought my attention to this article –
It has the smell of something from the Weston Price Foundation, and its conclusion is clearly false – I know our brains don’t need fat from murdered animals – however I’m not currently equipped to provide a scientific rebuttal.

I went to section 11.4.4 of the LSC where it states ‘The three essential fatty acids are linoleic acid, arachidonic acid and linolenic acid.
The linoleic acid is generally thought to be the most important and has been termed absolutely
essential to life by some nutritional researchers. The arachidonic acid can act
as a fairly good substitute for linoleic acid. The third acid, linolenic, is said to be only a
partially satisfactory substitute for linoleic acid in that it can support growth but cannot
aid in the other functions that linoleic acid performs’.

According to the Psychology Today article, arachidonic acid is not available from plants.
Is this correct? And if it is, does it matter?
Perhaps more importantly, the PT article is basically arguing that various fatty acids we need – particularly DHA for brain function – are better obtained from animal corpses, as the human manufacturing of DHA is supposedly inefficient.
Even many plant based doctors recommend supplementing DHA from algae sources –

Any information regarding how our bodies produce DHA (and other non-plant sourced fatty acids) and why some people apparently have difficulty producing them – which is the main rationale behind the argument for supplementing them – would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Nick Weiss There is no such thing as being deficient in anything. It’s how much crap inside us—crap created by our poor diet—that is preventing our body from being able to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. Clean up the waste by cleaning up the diet and your body will no longer be “deficient”.

Fasting also automatically disproves “deficiency” as almost every deficiency can be resolved with fasting.

Thanks for this. After reading a post on this by Jim Okelly, I threw out all my vit d, aspirin and Zrytec. Done! I know there are people here who are evolutionists and there are people here of many faiths. I believe my body was fearfully and wonderfully made and made to provide for itself and heal itself.

what about cell salts?

God uses the simple things to confound the wise. <3

Thank you. Reading later.

I agree with the statement above about depletion. I believe the Shaklee study showed decreased mortality rates with supplementation and reduced medications after 50. I’m not crazy a out the changes to Shaklee in the past 10 years, but prior to that, yeah…AMAZING health affects for me and my family. Nothing feels better than good health, and their supplements. And the difference.

If I had access to quality food products that didn’t sit on a truck or get gassed or frozen I’d say I might be able to get what I needed from store bought food, but I don’t.

Much need article thank you

Would this be considered a supplement, and a harmful one at that?

It’s inland sea water, that contains a high degree of trace minerals. It is not processed or made in a lab. I’ve been taking it for a year or so.

I understand about viruses, but what about things like Lyme? And herbs? Herbs are food, so I would think they are good?

PDF not opening for me either

My life transformed when I only ate real food and only when hungry. Who would have thought.

How about monoatomic gold/elements also know as Ormus?
Its mainly used as a supplement but is also documented to grow larger quicker and more potent crops.
All natural
If we could all grow our food with this stuff.

I’ve come accross various articles by various scientists who recommend the use of Vit C (administered IV) for treating viral diseases.

What are your thoughts on this?

by the way lauren, that was very well written and put together, you evidently have the potential for writing your own book !

that is a valid point, our soils are depleted even with proper rotation and sustainable farming, I would just say try and get as much as you can from a plant based whole food diet, and if you find you need supplementation use only whole food sources that are recognized by the body as food so that they can be properly assimilated, but unless you have someone who knows how to properly test for cellular saturation of nutrients, or check the interstitial fluids you may still be in the dark about your levels, a lot of the time blood levels are deceiving

Makes sense, but it is also documented that nutrient depletion in naturally grown foods has occured over the last century as a result of industrial farming. An apple a hundred years ago contained a higher amount of nutrients than it contains now, and contained some nutrients that are no longer found in apples. Might it not be helpful to use supplements to counter this nutrient depletion in soils?

What about nutritional yeast?