December 19, 2022

One or two ears going very red and hot


Does anyone know what contributes to having one or two ears going very red and hot? Also the cheeks doing the same. Does it relate to Lyme disease? (8 year old…)


Terrain answer:

Redness and flushing is a result of histamines being released by the body in response to an irritating substance being consumed. Here is a comment I shared recently on another post which explains how histamines work:
“Histamines are part of the bodies inflammation response. Inflammation is a healing response within the body. Whenever there is tissue damage as a result of disease or injury, the damaged tissue cells produce histamines. These histamines cause changes in tiny blood vessels, which in turn release fluids into the injured area. Local blood flow increases, bringing blood cells whose specialty is destroying foreign microbes to the area. Along with these disease-preventing cells comes fibrinogen, which causes clotting. The clotting results in what is called “walling off,” that is, Nature literally builds a partition between the infected area and the rest of your body. The effect is to prevent the infection from spreading. This partition, or wall, stops body fluids from moving outside the infected area, and these fluids build up in the area, causing the characteristic swelling of inflammation.”
“Before inflammation can arise, there must exist an exciting cause in the form of some obstruction or of some agent inimical to health and life. In this light, we see inflammation as a healing process.”
“The body does not suppress the growth and multiplication of disease germs until the morbid matter (toxins) on which they subsist has been decomposed and consumed, and until the inflammatory processes have run their course. The use of serums, antitoxins or anti-inflammatory agents given to suppress germ activity and the process of inflammation before it has run its natural course will lay the foundation for chronic destructive disease.”
“Histamine dilates capillaries and often permits fluid to move through the capillaries and into the tissues.”
“Histamine is a substance secreted as a normal part of the inflammatory reaction which is part of a healing process. This substance is kept in proper balance by the body’s homeostatic controls. When too much histamine is present (in the body, a substance called histaminase will be released to reduce the amount of histamine in the blood or tissues.”
“Many of the organs of the body produce a substance called histaminase, which serves to neutralize histamine, thus defending the body against its influence. Any derangement of the nervous system and any general toxic state will result in the inability of the vari- ous organs and tissues to produce the neutralizing substances necessary to counteract the poisons entering the body from the digestive tract. Allergy is impossible in the healthy individual.”
Lesson 71 of the Life Science Course discusses allergies and Histamines and Antihistamines are discussed in that lesson if you are interested in further reading.


Lyme’s Disease, like all other disease labels is simply a collection of symptoms of a highly toxic body. It has nothing to do with ticks. It is just advanced toxemia, where the body is trying to expel waste. It sometimes includes a detox rash
It also includes fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pains which are all signs that the body is highly backed up with waste and the cells functions are being impeded.
The medical industry says there are “early signs” and “later signs” however if you look at the associated symptoms you will see that the early signs are a body in distress trying to clean itself and the later signs are the bodies toxic state continuing to grow and expand into more and more serious symptoms because the cause has not been removed.