December 19, 2022

Opposite group of our Terrain theory group


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about other groups, but I wondered if anyone has had any experiences in these specific groups below.
They seem to be the polar opposite of our TT group so I’ve been observing and participating a little in them as I believe it’s vital to gain a balanced understanding of different theories.
But my oh my. For a group that claims to talk about science, it seems more synonymous with a religious cult. I’ve been banned from all but one of them for asking honest questions. The common tactic used against anyone challenging the consensus is to demand evidence for anything even of a trivial nature that you suggest might be true. You then have 24 hours to provide “acceptable” evidence or you get removed. The group also break their own rules and incite you to break the rules, therefore shutting down the debate. It’s far from “civil” as the title suggests.
They seem to think Bill Gates is God and that everything the establishment preaches is gospel. Terrain Theory is mocked and despised. The most worrying part about this is that most of them claim to be doctors or expert scientists in one field or another. These are the people telling us what we should do to be healthy. I don’t think they can ever be reasoned with. It’s truly horrifying.
Anyway, I think it’s worth having a look at how the other side think. I’m grateful to have found the TT group and although I don’t personally agree with everything here, it pleases me to see that its very essence thrives on wise, rational and critical thinking.
Is it just me, or am I right in my perception of the groups?


Terrain answer:

Often these types of groups are run by those who are actively engaged in creating the narrative. The purpose of the group is to appear to focus on science while promoting propaganda. The group itself exists solely as a form of marketing to make it appear like there is a great number of people who “trust the science”.
Doctors and experts have both their financial well being and their ego tied to germ theory principles. In order for a doctor to stray they have to admit that they have been poisoning people and murdering people their entire career. That is a really hard pill to swallow and few will ever make that leap. To defend germ theory is to defend their psychological well being and their financial stability.